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A Comparison of Fate in Iliad and Oedipus Rex comp


Trojan War

Words: 409 (2 pages)

arison compare contrast essaysFate in Iliad and Oedipus Rex In the stories The Iliad and Oedipus Rex, Oedipus and Achilles exemplified the portrayal of how a personal characters’ fate may lay in their own hands. The egotistical mindset Oedipus held triggered one of the most tragic turns in his future, resembling Achilles. As for his…

Most Honorable Character: Hector or Achilles?

Character Analysis

Trojan War

Words: 1217 (5 pages)

Honor: honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions; this is the definition by which these two characters, Hector and Achilles, ought to be judged. By taking this definition to heart, Achilles is far from honorable. Throughout the Iliad, Achilles acts on rage and revenge. “Rage-Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus’ son Achilles, murderous,…

Greek and Troy Society in the Movie Troy

Movie Review

Trojan War

Words: 1116 (5 pages)

The movie Troy is about the conflict between the Greek city-states, led by Agamemnon, and Troy, ruled by Priam. These two have this conflict because Paris, Prince of Troy, fell in love with Helen, wife of Menelaus who is Agamemnon’s brother and king of Sparta, and took her back to Troy against the wishes of…

Character Analysis of Achilles

Character Analysis

Trojan War

Words: 744 (3 pages)

From the initial callousness and stubborn temper of Achilles in the first books of the Iliad to the eventual humanization’ of Achilles in his interaction with the grieving father of Hector, whom Achilles himself slew, the Iliad can be seen to chronicle the maturation of the Greek hero during the terrible battles of the Trojan…

Leda and the Swan Allusions


Trojan War

Words: 273 (2 pages)

Throughout the poem, Leda and the Swan, allusions and different varieties of poetic elements are used to depicting how a helpless young woman becomes violently reduced into being a sexual object instead of just being a customary girl. The author, William Butler Yeats, does not just use allusions in his poem to illustrate what Leda…

Helen of Troy History


Trojan War

Words: 4479 (18 pages)

The Greeks are plotting to invade Troy to steal the treasures of the Trojans. Meanwhile Prince Paris is assigned by his wise father and King of Troy to travel to Sparta and shows the peaceful intentions of his people. Along his journey, he falls into the sea during a storm and is rescued on the…

Hector Is Beat by Achilles and Asks Him for Mercy in His Death


Trojan War

Words: 553 (3 pages)

The Iliad, a book by Homer about the Trojan War, focuses a lot on Achilles and his internal struggle with his personal desires. In the time of the Trojan War, there was an unspoken code of morals and how warriors of honor should follow. If they did not fight or acted cowardly it not only…

Revenge vs. Justice


Trojan War

Words: 1416 (6 pages)

The Root of Justice and Revenge Anonyms Classical Literature Honors 17 May 2012 Classical Literature Honors 17 May 2012 The Root of Justice and Revenge Is justice revenge and revenge justice? Justice is a concept of righteousness, based on a society’s perception of fairness. Whereas revenge, is an act of vengeance, based on spite and…

The History of the Trojan War

Trojan War


Words: 866 (4 pages)

Trojan War Terms… Paris~ Paris started the Trojan War and was received the golden apple to give to the most beautiful goddess. * Helen~ The war started when the Queen of Sparta, Queen Helen, got abducted. * Golden Apple~ Paris would give the apple to the goddess whom he thought was the most beautiful. *…

Odyssey’s Main Character Traits


Trojan War

Words: 769 (4 pages)

Odyssey Essay Odysseus, from the epic poem The Odyssey written by Homer, is a classic epic hero. Although he has admirable qualities, he also has faults like any other human being. His cleverness and leadership make him a hero. Not all heroes being perfect, he has a very overactive curiosity. First of all, Odysseus’ cleverness…

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