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The Trojan ground forces was somewhat stronger than the Grecian ground forces. They had the God Ares. God of war. back uping them against the Greeks. At the same clip. the Trojans had divine warriors such as Hector and Aeneas. On the other manus. the Greeks had Athena. goddess of wisdom. to back up them against the Trojans. Despite these facts. the Greeks. in the terminal. won the Trojan War. because of scheme. Therefore. it can be said that wisdom is superior to strength. Though Polyphemus is stronger than Odysseus. Odysseus escapes him through his astuteness.

Odysseus fast ones Polyphemus through enticement. Odysseus exploits two of Polyphemus’s senses. Odysseus attempts to intrigue Polyphemus’s sense of gustatory sensation. For illustration. Odysseus allures Polyphemus with his vino by depicting how it would be comfy to imbibe with human flesh. Then. Odysseus tempts Polyphemus’s sense of hearing. Odysseus negotiations about his name. Odysseus tells Polyphemus “Cyclops. seek this wine- to exceed off the feast of human flesh you’ve bolted down! ” ( 9. 388-3. 389 ) Shrewdness’s high quality over force is shown in his alluring Polyphemus to imbibe the vino. because Odysseus is able to do Polyphemus alter his desire from desiring to eat them instantly to imbibing the vino Odysseus has instantly.

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In add-on to enticement. Odysseus takes full advantage of Polyphemus’s credulousness. First. Odysseus makes Polyphemus believe events that truly did non happen to Odysseus. For illustration. Odysseus falsely tells Polyphemus that his ship was in ruins. because of Poseidon crushed it. Odysseus is able to Odysseus is able to do Polyphemus believe the foolish things he says about himself. For illustration. Odysseus tells Polyphemus that his name is “nobody” . Besides. Odysseus is able to foolishly do Polyphemus believe that bad things are really blessed points. For case. Odysseus tells Polyphemus about the illustriousness of vino. although it can be harmful to Polyphemus. yet despite the injuries of vino. Polyphemus believes Odysseus/ . Odysseus tells Polyphemus “Nobody-that’s my name. Nobody- so my female parent and male parent call me. all my friends” ( 9. 410-9. 411 ) Odysseus’s working Polyphemus’s credulousness expands upon the thought that wisdom is stronger than strength. because Odysseus makes Polyphemus believe Odysseus’s false thoughts and this leads to Polyphemus non making things that could hold easy made his program of eating Odysseus and his work forces successful.

Besides taking advantage of Polyphemus’s credulousness. Odysseus uses Polyphemus’s foolhardiness to his advantage. Odysseus uses all of the arm resources available in the cave in effort to be able to get away. For illustration. Odysseus sharpens the wooden shaft and so he blinds Polyphemus so there can be a possibility for him and his work forces to get away. Besides. Odysseus takes full advantage of the failings of Polyphemus’s cave. For illustration. Odysseus is able to blind Polyphemus and flight. because Polyphemus has put a bowlder at the room access and this bowlder does non promote the adjacent Cyclops to assist. because they can non see what is go oning in the cave. In add-on. Odysseus takes full advantage of Polyphemus’s weak. uncontrolled province of head. Odysseus onslaughts Polyphemus when he is asleep. In lines 427-428 of Book 9. Odysseus says to the Phaenicians “Hoisting high that olive interest with its knifing point directly into the monster’s oculus they rammed it hard” Odysseus’s knifing Polyphemus in the oculus clearly proves that inventiveness is stronger than energy. because Polyphemus’s foolhardiness allows Odysseus to go stronger than him due to the fact that he is wiser in the determinations he makes in comparing to Polyphemus.

Wisdom is so stronger than energy. Although Polyphemus is much stronger than Odysseus. Odysseus is still able to get away from him alive. Odysseus tempts Polyphemus with vino and this shows wisdom is stronger than strength. because Odysseus’s effort to assail Polyphemus is implied with vino as Odysseus’s arm. Besides. Odysseus’s taking advantage of Polyphemus’s credulousness and foolhardiness shows how Odysseus does non take to contend with all of his accomplishment. but instead with furtiveness. This is because. Odysseus blinds Polyphemus with Polyphemus’s arms that are lying about and he does this out of the blue. Polyphemus does non anticipate Odysseus can perchance assail him.

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