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“All quiet on the Western front” and “Slaughterhouse 5” Sample

All Quiet On The Western Front

Western Front

Words: 2389 (10 pages)

When composing literary plants most. writers will hold that it is hard to compose a narrative without any inspiration. The authors will frequently hold some motivation. either from past experiences or something that can animate an thought for a novel. Although the novel can be fabricated it can still alter how society feels about a…

All Quit on the Western Front

Western Front

Words: 646 (3 pages)

All Quit on the Western, by Erich Maria Remarque, is a book that explores the true horrors of World War I thought the eyes of a German solider. This story is shows how World War I was not the glorifying war that some people envision it to be. The author uses the character of Paul…

Effects of War in All Quiet of the Western Front

Western Front

Words: 848 (4 pages)

In All Quiet on the Western Front, Erich Maria Remarque progressively shows the brutality of war through the eyes of soldiers claiming their innocence, and also the effects of war on the people in the home front . In this essay I will be discussing the effect of war on both the combatants and non…

All Quiet on the Western Front Quotes: Explanation

All Quiet On The Western Front

Western Front

Words: 398 (2 pages)

“You limp, will you get out – you hound, you skunk, sneak out of it, would you? “Himmelstos’s eye becomes glassy, I knock his head against the wall – “You cow” – I kick him in the ribs – “You swine” – I push him toward the door and shove him out head first. ”…

Filmreport ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’

All Quiet On The Western Front


Western Front

Words: 1324 (6 pages)

Paul Baumer is a German, young boy, who, together with his classmates, enlists for the army to fight in the Great War. Full of enthusiasm and adventurous thoughts, they arrive at the front, but then are faced with the horrific and soul-destroying war. One by one the classmates are fall in action… 1. What is…

Stalemate WWI Western Front-summary

Western Front

Words: 517 (3 pages)

Was too keen to pass responsibility to his subordinates. Sir John French prone to depression Did not trust the French command and often used the excuse of translation issues to avoid following their requests. Conflict between Sir French and his subordinate generals Hag and Smith – Doreen. Major mistake was that he did not provide…

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