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Two Effective Strategies in Fighting Veteran Homelessness in the United States





Words: 286 (2 pages)

The two strategies for ensuring sustainability in post-funding years in the public health program were forming coalitions and partnerships to create a platform and using the media for conveying policy messages to develop awareness among the public I have used the above strategies before. The first strategy takes more time than the second strategy Formation…

Thoughts, Concepts, and Theme Of “Facing It”, a Poem by a War Veteran Yusef Komunyakaa





Words: 767 (4 pages)

According to Merriam-Webster, sorrow is defined as a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune suffered by oneself or others. The duration of grief and the dimensions of sorrow extend beyond mere words. They encompass the introspective thoughts of a remorseful soldier, exemplified in Yusef Komunyakaa’s poem “Facing It”. Komunyakaa, himself…

Understanding the High Suicide Risks Among the Veterans in California


Mental Health



Words: 2684 (11 pages)

There has been found to be a relationship between mental and emotional health, and suicide risk among veterans in California, We will use the data from the national health survey in estimating the prevalence and correlation of the suicidal behaviors among veterans in California. The prevalence of suicidal behaviors among veterans in California was mainly…

The Scope and Limitations of the Veterans Law in the United States





Words: 580 (3 pages)

Earlier today I attended the Veteran’s Law panel which included Judge Bradley W, Hennings, Professor Aniela K. Szymanski, Jane K. Nichols, and Jenny J. Tang. After attending the Veteran’s Law panel, I now grasped a field of law that I barely even knew existed before, Generally this made me realize how intricate and complex the…

The Prevalence of Sexual Trauma Among US Veterans





Words: 1642 (7 pages)

When we think about the many problems that US Veterans face when coming home from war, we usually imagine PTSD from battle, facing possible homelessness, and the struggle of finding a job. But there’s another, very large problem facing veterans: sexual trauma, Many of the lasting problems that affect Veterans are typically caused by enemies…

The US Government Should Alter the Current Policies Involving Veterans





Words: 1825 (8 pages)

According to Ruzek at all (2012), veterans are individuals who served in the United States armed forces but are no longer in service. The expiry of their services might have been due to an honorable discharge from the military, disability received during military activities and retirement from the services after prolonged service exceeding 20 years,…

A Study of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on Veteran Women





Words: 865 (4 pages)

This study included 325 veteran women who were victims of rape or sexual assault while in the military. Studying these women, researchers sought to measure PTSD and other mental health issues that resulted from sexual assault or rape. The findings of this research showed that a large percentage of the women in the study suffered…

A Desire to Be a Veteran for OTEAM 2017





Words: 982 (4 pages)

Maybe it was feel of it, or how the illuminating safety-green color reflected off of me, but from the moment I took out that polo from the LLBean backpack, I knew I had finally made it on a team I wanted so much to be a part of since my orientation. Yes, being on the…

Poem by Audie Murphy



Words: 764 (4 pages)

Audie murphy             To say Audie Murphy was a hero would be an understatement.  With more than just a few medals for bravery while serving in the armed forces his name and memory have affected many since his untimely demise in 1971.  His character still has a lasting impact on our soldiers who are on…

Military Benefits of Veterans



Words: 1715 (7 pages)

This is a brief introduction. The United States’ current administration has inherited two ongoing wars, the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq, from the previous presidency of George Bush. Throughout its history, the United States has actively engaged in numerous wars and conflicts with other nations. This includes substantial involvement in both world…

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