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On Elwood: “There was not a word in her account of the institution but what was true”. On reliable narrator: “Not considered it necessary, in a work of fiction, to state every particular with the impartiality hat might be required in a law court”. Juliet Barker -” “Elwood is seen through the eyes of the child suffering there, not the dispassionate adult”.

She does not attempt to solve the problems of human life- all her force goes into the assertion, “l love”, “l hate”, “l suffer”. Virginia Wolf Modifies the Gothic with symbolism- requires a more complex and more mature response New Gothic He is more than a Byronic hero and a wish fulfillment- he is an exploration of personality and new Ares of feeling in inter sexual relationships; ‘Dark, irate and piercing, ‘something in my brain and heart, in my blood and nerves’ New

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Gothic It takes place between the two; the realm of the given, that which is changeable by human activity, and the realm of the fated, that which lies outside human control- between realism and Poetry Temptations of a motherless woman Bronze is not writing a bloodcurdling, but the story of a woman who is unalterable herself, who undergoes traditional feminine temptations and finds that each has an alternative, the image of a nurturing or principled or spirited woman on who she can model herself Temptations of a motherless woman Temptation to see herself as a lambkin victim or to explode into hysterics… Visages a better life that is the “germ” of the person who is determined to live and chose her life with dignity Temptations of a motherless woman- Red room NCO Temptation of self hatred and self immolation, yet discipline of Elwood and the moral and intellectual force of Helen and Miss Temple combine to give Jane a sense Of her own worth and ethical choice Temptations Of a motherless woman- Elwood Determined refusal of the romantic-Jane is a passionate woman, but she displays an inner clarity to distinguish which feelings lead to greater fulfillment and those which can lead to self destruction Temptation of a

Just as her instinct for self preservation saves her from earlier temptations, so it must save her from becoming this woman by curbing her imagination at the limits of what is bearable for a powerless woman in sass England Temptations of a motherless woman LID She delivers her feminist manifesto next door to madness. Madwoman who exists as her opposite, her image horrible distorted and a threat to her happiness Temptations of a motherless woman Brooding Byronic hero, his style of love making is abhorrent to her, she must fight the central temptation of romantic love.

She finds the matriarchal part of err psyche that tells her to fell temptation. She must leave Threefold as an ultimate act of self preservation to escape marriage as a dependent adjunct Coming to her husband of her own choice, Jane can become a wife while still being herself. Does not stunt of diminish the woman, but a continuation of the woman’s creation of herself Temptations of a motherless woman The prince is inevitably Cinderella superior because it is he who will initiate her into the mysteries of the flesh Madwoman in the attic Her life journey has prepared her to be angry at Rochester’s marriage, same unloving despotism.

Madwoman in the attic Bertha is Cane’s darkest double, she is the angry aspect of the orphan child responding Rochester’s tyranny. Madwoman in the attic Journey ends when the rejects SST. John, free from burden of the past, the specter of Berth and the self pitying orphan girl, she has wakened to her self and her own needs Madwoman in the attic CNN Helen and Miss Temple are more than just ideals; they exemplify spiritual and intellectual postures she’s going to have to assume throughout her journey- endurance, wit and resistance to masculine authority Helen and Temple are good

Miss Temple as the ideal Victorian everyman, feeding the poor, suffering with then, subverting her passion to undermine Brochures in more effective ways, a lesson Jane must adopt. Gilbert and Guava In this new church, the one of Helen, she learns to trust god as a ‘friend’, a ‘universal parent’ Helen and temps Bertha is unable to exercise reason, the ‘cast of her mind is common, low, narrow’ Bertha Giving into passion will make her insane- like his mad wife Passion vs.. Reason Bronze the dismisses these ‘bad girls’. The only way she may conform to reason and virtue is through other women’s failure to do so.

Bad girls Jane cannot shake of her own alter ego- the poor orphaned girl that set out to achieve maturity, independence and equality and is an impediment until she achieves such Madwoman in the attic- dreams Bertha as an impediment within her and outside her- must reconcile and confront before she can reach the natural paradise of Ferdinand Madwoman in the attic- Berths Instead of recognizing her alignment with this worthy opponent, Jane seems snug in the knowledge that chastity and restraint is rewarded by unimpeded union with her true love Jane not riding for her siestas When things become bad, she simply leaves.

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