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Ethical dilemmas and behavior simulations



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    Ethical dilemmas and behavior simulations help employees to make more ethical decisions BY Cargill 58 Ethical dilemmas and behavior simulations help employees to make more ethical decisions. The first step in achieving this goal is to set up a code of ethics for your organization and give each employee a copy. The code of ethics should review what is expected of each employee and provide examples and what to do in each situation. “A formal code of ethics can help you and your employees make decisions more quickly by conforming to a set of rules to which everyone agrees.

    The second step is to have an ethical training program in your organization. The training should go over what is expected Of the employee, what to do when an ethical situation arises, and how to make ethical decisions. Employees should be asked to see each situation in different perspectives. The employer and the customer are two examples of this. Worked for a large aerospace company which strives on providing good ethical thinking through ethical training for all the employees on a regular basis.

    We were required to complete the many modules covering all areas of ethical concerns such as sexual harassment, dealings with customers, and your workplace. Instead of taking a class we were required to complete each module through web-based training. I believe that the ethical training program was very successful in helping employees understand what is right and wrong within the business scope and that the continued “refreshers” strengthened the choices employees would ultimately have to make in any given situation.

    Consistently making business ethical decisions is a key to long-term success for any business. By setting the standard throughout your business of equines ethical decisions, your helping your company obtain a stronger positive reputation in the business world. This in turn will help secure a loyal customer base. Employees will have to make ethical decisions whether if they’re the CEO of the company or just a typical employee.

    Knowing what the right thing to do is essential in any business. The wrong decision could result in penalties either towards you as an employee or to the company you work for. It can also cause legal issues if the ethical situation is unlawful. Knowing how to resolve an ethical dilemma is key to increasing your session-making effectiveness. You should always consult the code of ethics handbook you received if an ethical issue arises.

    If you can’t resolve the situation that way, you should contact your supervisor immediately. This can keep the employee from getting in trouble and help resolve the conflict. Supervisors are more trained in ethical decision making and can guide you in the right direction. If that doesn’t work, you could always ask your fellow employees what they would do in the current situation and go from there. Another person’s input may guide you in the right direction towards making the right decision.

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