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Graphic Design

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Graphic Design

            Graphic design does come the closest to meeting human beings in their daily modern lives. This is because this branch of the arts in general, and the visual arts in particular does its best to inform, persuade, excite, delight and repeal human beings. The category of art labeled graphic arts uses drawings and other art forms to create and recreate the words and the imagines that are placed in newspapers, magazines, and advertising print ads. In addition, the art of graphic design is used in the field of fashion design and merchandising.

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Graphic design is accomplished by creating advertising copy for magazine and newspaper ads. Graphic design is also accomplished by combining colors and setting the typography for both magazine and newspaper ads. It also is accomplished by painting symbols and letters on posters. Graphic design is also accomplished by creating the artwork that goes with the advertising copy in magazine and newspaper ads.

            I like the Cayman Islands ads in magazines.

They show the vibrant colors that the Cayman Islands offer their visitors. They also showed some of the extracurricular activities that visitors to the Cayman Islands can do from taking cooking classes and swimming to listening to jazz music on the beach. I liked the Cayman Islands ads because the background colors of blue and green are beautiful. I hope I will be able to produce that quality of colors in my graphic designs someday.

            The ads for the Cayman Islands have big pieces of cheesecake in them with a fork on each piece of cheesecake. There is also a pair of hands playing a drum and an African American man in each ad playing a saxophone. The advertising copy says jazz rifts and there is a slogan that claims that the Caymans keep on cooking. The Cayman Islands ads informed me about the activities that I could do in the Cayman Islands. The ads also persuaded me to travel and to eat cheesecake.

            The Pepperidge Farm Cookie ads in magazines show how delicious cookies can be. They also showed that eating cookies can be a dreamlike experience. I liked the ads for there dreamy quality and the slogans that I hope to create someday. The ads are spread out on two pages; the first page has the strawberry cookies on it and the second page has a woman sitting on a strawberry. These ads delighted me because I have always dreamed of sitting on a strawberry.

            The Nexus ads in magazines show the beautiful chestnut hair of women. These ads appeal to me because of their layout; the kind of layout that I hope to do someday. The ads have women with chestnut hair and two bottles of Nexus product. These ads had very little affect on me because I don’t use many hair products.

            The Calvin Klein swimwear ads in magazines show off only the products which are beautiful colorful bikinis without cluttered copy. I wish to create clever ads without much copy someday. The Calvin Klein swimwear ads only show skinny women in colorful bikinis. These ads annoy me because they seem to emphasize society’s desire for skinny women.

            The Chance Chanel ads in magazines show the beautiful color combination of spring colors yellow and green. They evoke the sense of smell with a little perfume sample. These ads show off the perfume very well without much excessive copy. I hope to be able to evoke a feeling with my graphic design someday. The Chance Chanel ads show a green bottle and a yellow bottle of perfume.  The bottom of the ads is bathed in Green. I am delighted and refreshed by these ads because they remind me of spring. The scent of Chance Chanel is very fresh


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Graphic Design. (2016, Dec 19). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/graphic-design/

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