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Gun Violence – Gun Control

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Rebecca Branham


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Gun Violence – Gun Control
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English 110

December 1, 2010

Gun Control

In the documentary, Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore clearly states that the gun violence in America has increased over the years. Every day you can turn on the news and see where someone has been shot and killed by guns. The increase in gun violence and why it is happening over and over is astounding. One incident of gun violence and having a gun for the wrong reasons is the Columbine shooting. It has become very well-known around the world is and is still remember to this day.

Two senior students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, shot and killed 12 of their fellow students and a teacher and they injured 21 others. After they had gone into the school and shot people they both committed suicide. Harris and Klebold were trouble young boys. Before the shooting ever happened the boys created a blog. It started out as just any other normal blog. But after a while the entries that were being made started to become strange and out of the ordinary.

There was one incident where the police were involved because of threats that were made on the site that were directed towards different people. The blog was basically a play by play of what the main purpose the boys had in mind, the Columbine shooting. We will never know the exact word for word reasons that these two young men did what they but we all do know that it was a terrible thing and that it was wrong. There are many young teens out that are just as troubled as these two young men were. Some may not go to the extremities that Harris and Klebold did, but when a person gets to a certain point and cannot take anymore something negative is bound to happen. There are many reasons why these boys did what they did but we will never know exactly, word for word from them as to why they did it. Obviously they had gotten to that point and there was no turning back once they had reached it.

I believe that these young men were.

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