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Violence And Punishment In Pulp Fiction



Words: 1170 (5 pages)

, Research Paper Violence and Punishment in Pulp FictionPulp Fiction, one of the most extremely acclaimed movies of 1995, was without a uncertainty a shocking and controversial film. Drugs, sex, and particularly force filled our eyes and our ears. Director Quentin Tarantino brought into the mainstream a genre that had ne’er had such mass entreaty,…

Video Games Do Not Cause Violence

Video Games


Words: 686 (3 pages)

Video games have come a long way since they were first introduced in 1967. In addition to the impressive improvement in graphics, the increase of the violent content has become quite the hot topic amongst parents and politicians alike. The most popular aspect is whether or not violent video games inhibit aggressive behavior. Early research…

Attachment Styles and Violence in Domestic Relationships



Words: 2471 (10 pages)

Abstract             Attachment has been a term used in child rearing since John Bowlby coined the term for his attachment theory in the 1960’s.  More recently it has bee studied to help determine the effects of attachment styles on adult intimate relationships.  The results show that people with dismissive, preoccupied or fearful attachment styles have…

The Causes & Effects of Violence in the Media on Children




Words: 2333 (10 pages)

The Causes & Effects of Violence in the Media on Children Living in a time and culture in which violence infuses numerous facets of society in both fiction and reality-verbal, visual, overt, and implied-and considering the ubiquity and prevalence of all forms of violence around us, exposure to violence through the media evidently casts a…

Long Term Effects of Domestic Violence


Words: 803 (4 pages)

Domestic violence has wide ranging and sometimes long-term effects on victims. The effects can be both physical and psychological and can impact the direct victim as well as any children who witness parental violence. Physical Effects The physical health effects of domestic violence are varied, but victims are known to suffer physical and mental problems…

Hooked: Atwood’s View of Violence against Women



Words: 700 (3 pages)

Hooked: Atwood’s View of Violence against Women Margaret Atwood’s poem “You Fit Into Me” is a warning against women rather than a poem against men.  It is either the perception and poor judgment, or the strong love for her abuser that betrays the speaker of the poem.  The point of view of the male involved…

Video Games and Violence

Video Games


Words: 285 (2 pages)

The person doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy he or she shouldn’t be allowed to play video games, listen to radio and/or watch TV because of all the violence that occurs. If people want to do what the hero or heroine in the game is doing, let them. In every game the position…

Violence In the ideal America


Words: 885 (4 pages)

In the ideal America, our celebrated, ethnically diverse populous would overlook and not even recognize such socially developed stigmas such as race, sex, color, and religion. The ideal American would not even look at another and classify that person as black, white, Asian, Indian, Mexican, Irish, Jewish, Catholic, Jewish or; well, my point is But…

Jane Eyre – Violence

Jane Eyre


Words: 871 (4 pages)

Jane Eyre – ViolenceDiscuss Charlotte Bronte’s use ofviolence, in the text Jane Eyre, that captures the reader’s attention inrelation to scenes, settings and characterisations?The author of Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte,uses depictions of mental, physical and natural violence throughout thetext to interest the reader and create springboards towards more emotionaland dramatic parts of the novel. By…

Violence in Society – School Violence




Words: 1538 (7 pages)

Violence in society is more prevalent today than ever before. Media and entertainment have opened up violent images for children to see. Availability of weapons to school age children seems incredulous. News stories of elementary school children bringing guns to school and killing classmates are sickening yet true. What is happening to our country? What…

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