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How water effects plant growth

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    The Effects Different Types of Water Have on Plant Growth


    This experiment examines the rate of plant growth when watered with different solutions. Throughout the course of a nine week period, five lima bean seeds were watered with five different solutions to see which will most enhance the growth of plants. The five solutions consisted of distilled, filtered, tap, bottled and flavoured water. Over the course of time, each plant was monitored based on how well and how much it grew. Results showed that filtered water was best for plant growth with bottled water coming second, while distilled; tap and flavoured water were not the most successful.


    Plants, like people grow depending on the food and nutrients they consume. Different types of waters contain a variety of chemicals and minerals, some helpful while others harmful to plants. It was proven by horticulture specialists that distilled water is best for watering plants because of the process of distillation. This process removes all chemicals and minerals, leaving the water clean and harmless. Waters such as tap, filtered and flavoured contain many chemicals, and minerals as well as high levels of chlorine which damage the plants. This experiment was concurred to discover whether or not the specialists and landscapers conclusions are true. To uncover whether distilled water is truly the best and whether or not tap, filtered and flavoured water actually harm plants due to the chemicals they contain.

    10 lima beans
    5 plastic cups
    Potting Soil
    2 bottles of tap water
    2 bottles of filtered water
    2 bottles of distilled water
    2 bottles of bottles water
    2 bottles of flavoured water
    In order to conduct this experiment, all lima beans were soaked in a moistened paper towel of distilled water for 24 hours before planting. Two lima beans were then planted into each plastic cup which contained two cups of soil. Each plants seeds were planted in the middle of the two cups of soil. Twice a week, over the course of a nine week period, the plants were watered with the same amount of water. Each plant being watered by a different type. Throughout the nine weeks plants were measured based on growth in height.

    Discussion and Analysis
    After the experiment was run for the nine week period, the results proved to be against what horticulture specialists and landscapers had previously stated. Filtered water was in fact the best for plant growth while distilled which was said to be best was in fact one of the worst for the plants. Through the course of the nine weeks, data was collected twice a week to help track the process of each plant. The data collected shows that there was no progress until the third week. (Fig. 1-1.3) During the third week two of the five plants had begun to sprout; those being filtered and tap water. As shown in Figures 1.3 and 1.4 within the course of a week the tap water sprout had died. This of course was no shock seeing as previous research had showed that tap water is one of the worse types of water to use for watering plants. At the end of the nine weeks, results were not of those expected. Both filtered and bottled water plants had sprouted and grown to plants while tap, distilled and flavoured plants had no sprouts at all. Figure 2.0 shows the final results of the nine week experiment. It displays the considerable difference in all five plants. Sources of Error

    To help explain as to why results may have been this way, more research was conducted. Research showed that there are many conditions that were not taken into consideration that may have affected the outcome of the experiment. One of these being that the container in which the seeds were planted had no drainage holes at the bottom. Not having these “drains” could have caused excess water build up at the bottom of the cup, causing the soil and seeds to rot. This may have been the reason distilled and flavoured water plants had not sprouted at all. Another source of possible error is that plants were over watered. The potting soil may have been able to absorb certain waters faster than others. If some water was absorbed at a slower pace, then by the next time of watering, that plant would not be needing water.

    In order to keep the experiment consistent, all plants needed to be watered the same amount of times, even if some did not need the extra water. This could have caused the one sprouting tap water plant to die and also the reason of a new one not sprouting. A third possible error that may have caused modification in results is that of nature causes. The plants although seated at a window may have not gotten enough sunlight or were to warm or cold in order to grow. Over the course of the nine weeks, weather changed from colder to warmer from day to day. This unsteady temperature could have effected how the plant grew. Not enough sunlight may have also caused the plants to not grow to their full potential of growing.

    These natural environmental causes could have caused error and modification in the plant growth. In future experiments on this topic, it is recommended that plants are planted in containers where draining is possible, It is also suggested to modify the amount of water and to consider and possibly lessen the amount of times plants are watered weekly as well as conducting the experiment where temperature are at a more steady state.

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