Implicit Racism in our Society and the Harvard Implicit Association Test Sample

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The Harvard University’s Implicit Association Test is used to mensurate a person’s degree of unconscious prejudice. The trial administers a assortment of appraisals to find the subject’s positions on certain issues. such as gender. race. disablement and weight. I chose to prove my subconscious attitudes about European and African Americans. Before taking the Implicit Association Test. I did non believe that I had a bias towards European Americans. I was really surprised that my trial consequences proved that I do hold a moderate prejudice toward European Americans. I chose to analyse the Implicit Association Test on race because racial bias is a relentless job in the United States that frequently gets overlooked.

The Implicit Association Test begins with a short questionnaire that encourages the topic to believe about their expressed associations based on race. Explicit associations are ideas. attitudes and feelings that we are cognizant of and actively control. Next. the trial presents words to be sorted into two classs every bit rapidly as possible. The first subdivision involves categorising faces as African American or European. so the trial gives a list of words with good and bad intensions that the topic must screen into the classs “good” and “bad. ” The words and the faces are so combined and the topic must screen both the “good” and “bad” words along with the African American and European American faces. The words and faces are switched from one side to the other and sorted one time more before the trial consequences are revealed.

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Screening words with negative and positive intensions along with race enables the Implicit Association Test to find a person’s subconscious feelings about African Americans and European Americans. The more closely the two constructs are related in a person’s head. the faster they will fit them together. Matching unrelated footings takes more clip and signifies a dissociation of the constructs. Comparing the sum of clip it takes to screen positive and negative words when paired with African Americans and European Americans gives a good index of a person’s subconscious feelings about the two cultural groups. The intent of the Implicit Association Test is to convey one’s unconscious biass to visible radiation. The trial illustrates the pervasiveness of stereotypes in our society. We are non ever cognizant of our feelings. but these feelings influence our perceptual experience of the universe.

The racial biass that are permeant in our society are overlooked and it is easy to believe that racism is vanishing A stereotype is a belief that members of a group possess a common feature. This belief is so applied to persons in the group. Members of the group are judged on the footing of their rank in the group instead than their single features. An inexplicit stereotype is subconscious. yet it has a great consequence on a person’s actions and behaviour. Implicit stereotypes have the ability to change our perceptual experience and hence act upon our reading of the universe around us. Implicit stereotypes are so profoundly rooted in the head that they do non necessitate active knowledge. They are an automatic reaction that influences our behaviour.

The consequence implicit stereotypes have on existent peoples’ lives can be seen in the occupation application procedure. Identical sketchs were mailed to engaging employers. One-half of the sketchs had typical African American names and half of the sketchs had typical European American names. The sketchs with European American names received 50 % more responses than the sketchs with African American names. Since the sketchs contained the same educational background and work history. the disagreement in responses can be attributed to the names on the sketchs.

This illustration demonstrates the tremendous impact that inexplicit stereotypes have on our day-to-day lives. African Americans are at a disadvantage when it comes to viing in the workplace. Implicit stereotypes besides affect our interactions with others. A school cafeteria with tabular arraies of all African American or all European American pupils eating together is an illustration of inexplicit bias. The pupils are non intentionally know aparting against the other group ; they are unconsciously excepting pupils who are non the same ethnicity as them.

We all have certain attitudes. beliefs and biass that we are non cognizant of. It is natural to be shocked by the consequences of the Implicit Association Test. Since the consequences are based on your subconscious ideas and feelings. the consequences can be surprising. A great trade of our idea processes takes topographic point on the subconscious degree. Subconscious ideas are created by frequent exposure to thoughts and constructs. Repeated contact with an political orientation causes the thought to be internalized to the point that you are non cognizant that you believe it. The Implicit Association Test identifies these prejudices.

The Implicit Association Test. nevertheless. does non foretell whether a individual will move on their prejudices. The Implicit Association Test accurately gauges inexplicit prejudices because it delves into our subconscious to find whether we feel positively or negatively about African Americans and European Americans. It tests our automatic associations between positive and negative words and African Americans and European Americans. The topic can non sensor their replies. the consequences are simple a representative of the person’s inexplicit ideas.

I think that taking the Implicit Association Test is an oculus gap experience because it is hard to larn about our subconscious ego. A individual must be cognizant of his prejudices before he can restrict the impact they have. The Implicit Association Test does non come without restrictions. It is hard to find what precisely the Implicit Association Test is mensurating because the trial may reflect a person’s acquaintance instead than their personal prejudices or it may measure the prejudices of society instead than of indivudals. A individual may be portion of a racialist society. but non accept the racialist thoughts that surround him. Therefore. the consequences of the Implicit Association Test may reflect the general culture’s positions instead than the individual’s.

In his survey. Wittenbrink ( 1997 ) found that implicit and expressed attitudes are consistent with one another. If this is the instance. the Implicit Association Test may be merely every bit utile as a simple questionnaire. I don’t needfully hold with Wittenbrink’s statements because Subjects can lie on questionnaires so they do non sound racialist. I believe that the Implicit Association Test is much more accurate than a questionnaire. The Implicit Association Test could be used to research the inexplicit biass of people in power. It would be really interesting to see the Implicit Association Test consequences of people such as the president and frailty president. The trial could be used to research the consequence that the media has on inexplicit bias. Subjects could take the Implicit Association Test before and after sing strong media images. The effects of media images on inexplicit bias could be measured by the difference between the before and after trial consequences. This research could supply penetration on the roots of racism.

At first I was hesitant to swear the consequences of the Implicit Association Test. I could non hold on the fact that I am non in control of my ideas and feelings. It took clip to recognize that my subconscious biass are existent. Taking the Implicit Association Test was a positive experience for me personally. I did non anticipate my trial consequences to state that I have a moderate automatic penchant for European Americans. I am non proud of my trial consequences and it was upsetting to larn about my inexplicit prejudices. but I am happy that I am now cognizant of my prejudices and I will take stairss in the hereafter to restrict their effects on my behaviour. This exercising gave me quite a spot of penetration about bias. It seems that racism is on a diminution. but it may merely be less obvious than in the yesteryear.


Wittenbrink. B. . Judd. C. M. . Park. B. ( 1997 ) . Evidence for racial bias at the inexplicit degree and its relationship with questionnaire steps. Journal of Personality & A ; Social Psychology. Vol 72 ( 2 ) . 262-274.

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