Importance of Teamwork in Global Economy

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The global economy, acting of mass importance, is the international spread of capitalism, especially in recent years, across national boundaries and with minimal restrictions by governing bodies. Companies can then communicate world-wide with all kinds of other companies. Because the global economy is such a wide range of locations and diverse people, students seeking a degree in any kind of engineering need to prepare for this kind of workforce in the twenty-first century. Engineering students should keep an open mind about teamwork, be extremely future focused, and develop personal complex thinking skills.

Henry Ford once said “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”. The importance of teamwork is something that is immeasurable. Teamwork simply consists of two or more people completing the same task in a group setting. In certain projects, an obstacle may present itself to one student. Because of the benefits of teamwork, the struggling student may ask another student who understands how to overcome the problem for help, therefore allowing success to not only the struggling student at the moment but the entire group in the end. This same situation may conjure itself in a grander scheme; an electrical engineer might enlist the aid of a chemical engineer to ensure the type of material he or she uses as to not cause a negative reaction between said materials. While keeping an open mind about teamwork, students should also focus on the future of all things.

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The future is an intimidation presence, and in school it can be quite vexing. In several ways, students’ lives begin at graduation: they truly start to use the knowledge they acquired during those previous years. By keeping an open mind through endless late nights of studying, students should focus on both what materials they have learned but also where it will take them later. My parents always told me to evaluate my actions in the moment and if they would at any time affect my future in any way. So, if a student is thinking about not studying one unit for a final, they should assess this action and if it would affect either graduation or future life. Along with being future focused, students should also invest time into advancing their personal complex thinking skills to illustrate the knowledge of how to solve a problem.

In the workplace, getting to the result is not always about getting there necessarily but getting there by the most efficient approach. Student should prepare themselves for projects that demand creativity and revolutions on their own behalf, along with the ability to analyze said project and visualize multiple methods to get there. In the global economy, there are many problems. By expanding ways of solving said problems, students can present themselves as reliable when it comes to finding an efficient and effective way of getting to the desired result. Furthermore, there are several more things that engineering students can do to prepare themselves to function in a global economy.

The global economy allows students to come in contact with people they would otherwise not have the opportunity to meet. To better prepare themselves for this type of contact and work, there are steps they can take. To better prepare themselves to work alongside other intelligent humans in the global economy, students should be accepting to teamwork opportunities, be focused on their individual future during school, and invest time in furthering their complex thinking skills to solve advanced world-related problems.

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