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IQ Test Strengths and Weaknesses

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One of the mains strengths of IQ testing is the ability to find out if a person has the aptitude to learn. IQ test have also been used to admit people into prestigious organizations and to put children in special education programs. IQ testing also further breaks down peoples strengths in specific areas such as math, music, science and language to name a few. This can be very helpful in guiding a person into a specific field of study. IQ test are used to award grants and scholarships to gifted students in order to get the best and brightest students properly educated.

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IQ Test Strengths and Weaknesses
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IQ testing also shows what weak areas a person has and helps them to improve upon those weaknesses. A main weakness of IQ testing is properly designing a test to accurately determine intelligence across a broad spectrum of society. Groups which have done better on IQ test have historically been part of the group designing the IQ test itself.

IQ test also can’t determine various forms intelligence which are important to society, such as the ability to work well with others or work well with your hands.

A big weaknesses in IQ testing is the many different test which are available which can result in a huge disparity in testing scores. There are many reasons for disparities in groups from different racial, ethnic, religious and socioeconomic groups. The main reason for this disparity is socioeconomic and racial inequality. For instance African Americans on the low end of social scale tend to do far worse on standardized test than do whites on the same low social scale. This leads one to believe that along with the economic burden faced by African Americans, racial inequality has a much larger effect on testing.

From my personal experiences conducting military testing in various schools throughout the metro Washington D. C. Area, the differences in the schools and educations system are vast. I have personally witnessed in one seen inner city schools where the library had almost no books and it was barely inhabitable. In comparison I went to a suburban high school where the library was stocked from shelf to shelf and wall to wall with all of the latest books, manuals and magazines.

This school also had all of the latest computer hardware and software available for students both before, during and after school. This is just one of many examples of discrimination which contribute to poor test taking specifically in the African American community. I do believe some of the disparities in test taking could be because of the differences in cognitive factors between racial, ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic groups. “Nisbett (2003) proposed a view of the differences in cognitive styles between Western and East Asian students. Nisbett used experimental data to show that Eastern Asians were more holistic in their perceptions than were the West Asians. This shows that there are differences in cognitive thinking between various ethnic groups. I believe that we all possess similarities in cognition between racial and ethnic groups. These cognition skills have a tendency to show themselves in different ways during the IQ testing process. Some groups because of socioeconomic, religious, or class don’t think cognitively in the same manner as one another thus creating disparities amongst various groups.

IQ testing has both strengths and weaknesses for all the racial, ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic groups involved. We must use IQ test just as a tool to understand what areas people are strong and weak in. I personally don’t like the idea of a person taking a written test, then based upon those test being considered a genius. This gives the false impression that this person knows everything about life and living. We should look much closer at the affects of racial inequality and class in the testing debates which rage in this country.

I believe these factors should be given far more weight in this argument than cognition and genetics. Based on my personal experiences in the educational system, I see how class and race could lead to poor testing performance, resulting in misleading IQ test results. Miller, Barbara (2010). Looking at Us: An Interdisciplinary Study of Human Behaviors Anthropology. Second Edition Daniel Kelly, Edouard Machery, and Ron Mallon (2009). Race and Racial Cognition. J. P. Farr, Ed. D (1996). Race and IQ, Heredity and Oppression.

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