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Harmonizing to Aristotle’s definition of calamity. A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen is a calamity with a serious and complete action. First of all. the clear cause-and-effect concatenation in the whole secret plan dramatizes what may go on and “what is possible harmonizing to the jurisprudence of chance or necessity. ” Since the buzzer rings and Mrs. Linde visits Nora. the whole concatenation starts. Then there is no accident or happenstance concatenation as the function of deus ex machina to alter the state of affairs or halt the concatenation so that “each action leads necessarily to the following. ” For illustration. Mrs. Linde asks aid from Nora. so Nora asks Helmer to give Mrs. Linde a occupation in the bank. Helmer decides to allow Mrs. Linde take the topographic point of Krogstad which cause all the undermentioned events and leads to Nora’s concluding door-slam. This decision is inevitable that fits “unity of action” by Aristotle’s definition of one of the most of import elements in tragedy’s secret plan. The ruinous alteration of luck of the supporter – Nora. besides contributes the tragic component for this play’s secret plan.

First scene reveals that Nora is a happy and childly character. We can non conceive of such a adult female would hold any discontents about her household ; nevertheless. after a series of events. she eventually becomes mature and hates the unreasonable Torahs every bit good as her delusory hubby. She finally slams the door and leaves her kids in the last scene. Does she truly non love her kids? Absolutely she loves them. and I believe that it is a calamity for her to go forth all her kids. Since the audience can visualize themselves within the state of affairs. the drama generates commiseration. It besides generated fright in anti-feminists in Europe in the late-nineteenth century. This play’s ruinous characteristic and the effects on the audience indicate A Doll’s House is a calamity. In this drama. characters besides support the tragic secret plan. For case. Nora does nil incorrect. She has merely tried “to salvage her husband’s life” ( Page 228 ) every bit good as “to spare her old male parent on his deathbed” ( Page 228 ) . However. she does non cognize that the unreasonable jurisprudence forbids her to hammer a signature to seek to salvage both her male parent and hubby. She does non even know that for eight old ages. she has ne’er understood Helmer until Helmer blames her for the bad signature.

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In her sentiment. she has lived with a alien and even “borne him three children” ( Page 230 ) for eight old ages. This is because she does non cognize plenty before the treatment. but non because she is iniquitous or morally weak. Nora is guiltless but gets punished. This made the secret plan more tragic. In add-on. Dr. Rank and Mrs. Linde are imperfect in the drama. which makes them true to life. It causes more commiseration and fright among the audience since the more realistic the drama is. the easier it is to convey the audience into the cause-and-effect concatenation. In decision. A Doll’s House is a celebrated calamity that shocked the whole Europe with Nora’s door-slam. It brought all the anti-feminists the fright and all the women’s rightists commiseration. It is a authoritative in the history of dramas.

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