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Is John Proctor a good person

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John Proctor, in The Crucible, was considered a god-fearing man, self-sufficient, strong-minded, and had a good reputation. But in Salem, he was accused of witchcraft. If he “confessed” to it, he would be permitted to life, but if he did not, he would be hanged. Proctor took his penalty without confessing to the courts. In the, he dies by his own will believing he is doing the right thing. I believe that John Proctor is a good person for the reasons that he made a selfless move by not confessing to lies to bring others down in the village to be clear of the accusations, he sacrificed his freedom to be honest about his affair with Abigail, and by the statements he made.

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Is John Proctor a good person
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During the trials John faced lots of test to test his faith to God but also his fellow friend of the village. For example before the decision to hang him he was given the chance to confess seeing Rebecca Nurse and others take part in witchcraft and he decided not to.

This easily shows how Proctor is a good person because of his selfless act by not taking part of the unlawfulness of trials and by also basically willingly giving up is life for others but furthermore for the sanity of his self by being honest and not putting anymore false fault on anyone. Another example of why John is clearly a good person because of the things that he says. A lot of times Proctor was seen to be saying things that are taken controversial but in all reality he was speaking the truth. “I say- I say- God is dead!” This quote is unassumingly saying that if the town and the people can believe that he, John Proctor, and many other innocent people could be a part of such hypocrisy against their belief than God doesn’t exist in Salem.

That quote alone shows how level-headed Proctor really is. Not only was he intelligent and selfless, he was also honest. In The Crucible Proctor was battling with his demon of adultery that was committed with strikingly beautiful, Abigail Williams. John Proctor nobly confessed to the act of doing so to the court to save his wife, Elizabeth Proctor. This act was done out of the kindness of his heart because he couldn’t live with the fact that his wife could potentially be prosecuted and he could do something about it There are numerous reasons as to why John Proctor is a good person but in all respect to others opinion I believe that he is a good person for the reason that he is selfless, intelligent, and honest, which are great aspects to be a honorable person.

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