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Review the patterns of development that you’ve learned and used in your essays and journal entries in this unit - journal Essay introduction. Explain how each of these patterns of development or organizational methods will be useful to you in your upcoming courses and your future career. (Length open
Brainstorm: List the causes that made you decide to return to school. Then add the short-term effects your decision has had on your life in the present. Finally, include the long-term effects that you hope your decision will have on your future.
Organize: Review the graphic organizers on pages 466–467 in your Successful College Writing textbook. Choose the organizer that you think would best present the information you brainstormed to an audience of your fellow Penn Foster classmates and arrange your content using that format. Remember to include a thesis statement in your graphic organizer. (No minimum lengtTitle: Types of Food
Topic announcement: Restaurants
Introduction Background: It is easy to choose healthy options when eating out.
Thesis statement: Most restaurants, including fast food, casual and fine dining, make it easy for patrons to eat out without sacrificing a healthy diet.
Body Paragraphs
Fast Food
Characteristic 1: not known for healthy choices but they are on the menu; light or low-calorie choices
Example 1: plain burgers – no cheese; side salad rather than fries
Characteristic 2: There are options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Example 2: McDonald’s has Egg White Delite, oatmeal, salads, grilled chicken
Characteristic 3: Menus list calorie counts and other nutritional information
Example 3: McDonald’s, Panera
Characteristic 1: more variety, wider menu, allow substitutions for healthier options
Example 1: choice of sides – baked potato instead of French fries; salad rather than cream/bisque soup
Characteristic 2: look up nutritional information online if it’s not listed on the menu; other indicators for healthy options.
Example 2: Long Horn Steak…

Journal Essay

The Picture for Men: Superhero or Slacker, Stefan Bach’s The Fall of the Female Protagonist in Kid’s Movies and Amanda Marmoset’s The Shocking Radicalism of Brave all expresses a tone of opposition to the Issue of gender gap - Journal Essay introduction. They specifically focus on the media especially In movies and cartoons where men are most times the prevailing character and superheroes while women are helpmates and trophies to be won by them.

This is an obvious trend and I indisputably agree with this resentment. Sesame Panda in his article mentions that “The attributes that are most valuable today-social intelligence, open communication, the ability to sit still and focus-are, at a minimum, not predominantly male. ” (Panda, 201). He also mentions that “boys who remained close to their mothers, siblings, and peers did not act as tough or shut down emotionally.

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However, close relationships tit fathers encouraged greater autonomy and detachment from friendships. ” This shows that the fathers of these boys have been brought up in a like manner and always has been a trend In the past. Society teaches girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller. Girls are allowed to have ambition and aim to be successful but not too successful otherwise the men will be threatened. Does the society actually see women as a lesser Identity?

If boys are taught to be tough, autonomous and stoic, what role would the girls play? Maids, perhaps. Also, Stefan Bach’s article throws more light to the devastating issue of gender gap. She considers the role of female protagonists in animated children’s films. Using Disney and Paxar as a case study, she fairly criticizes Disney films for being sexist and mentions that “A pretty big percentage of the female leads in Disney musicals seem to have only one goal- to get

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