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New Testament

Disputed Authorship of the New Testament

None book in NT has been so disputed as to authorship and canonicity than 2Peter. There are convincing arguments for and against Peter’s relation to this book. Arguments against Paul’s authorship: 1.The style differs from that of 1 Peter. 2.Knowledge of 2 Peter was geographically limited. 3.The conceptual and rhetorical language is too Hellenistic for …

The Principles of New Testament Canon

The Principles of New Testament Canon The process of determining New Testament canon is the study of how the twenty-seven books that are currently part of the New Testament came to be. From the many early Christian writings, only twenty-seven were placed into ecclesiastical canon. The process of researching New Testament canon is the study …

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New Testament

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The Atonement in the New Testament

The pendulum may be overweighed by ones sin; however, the atonement is still there. Dishonesty, immodesty, profanity and immorality are only a few common sins amongst my peers. Paralleling in the New Testament, I have been taught right from wrong. Our savior’s promise of forgiveness through an infinite atonement is the same today as it …

The New Testament: The Revelation of John

Introduction Luke was not a Jew, but a gentile. He was aphysician who loved people. The nature of Lukes Gospel is indicated by therole of those from whom he got his materials. They were ministers of theword (7,Laymans). The book was written for a man named Theophilus, who waspart of the Roman Government. Lukes words …

The Canon of the New Testament

What we know today as the New Testament was compiled over a period of many decades. It was first referenced as the “New Testament” by Clement of Alexandria. It is believed that the books that comprise what we know as the New Testament canon were in existence no later than the end of the first …

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