Letter from Elizabeth and John Proctor Character Analysis

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The letter from Elizabeth Proctor to her husband John expresses her regret for the breakdown of their marriage and her role in it, particularly her reaction to John’s confession about his contact with Abigail Williams. She also blames herself for being accused as a witch and leaving her family behind. In response, John acknowledges his own failings as a husband and father and expresses his love for Elizabeth and his regret for his actions. He also expresses his worry about leaving his family behind and his desire to be a better husband and father.

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Dear my lovely husband John, Today I am writing to you, thinking about all of our lovely memories we have had in Salem as a wonderful married couple. I am writing this letter to you because I wanted to day my last few words to you before you are hanged. How did everything go from having a lovely life to, you being sentence to death because you confessed about being In contact with the devil? Also, I feel this Is completely my fault, and I am the breakdown of our family.

I have a lot of regrets from our marriage that I caused. I et Abigail get the best of me, and it ruined our marriage and now I am not going to have a husband anymore because you are going to die. I really regret our fight in our house after you got home. I remember me telling you that Mary Warren was In Salem, and that she was an official of the court. Then you told me that you had a moment with Abigail Williams. I just felt my heart was stabbed, and went through my whole body.

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I thought you might have forced yourself upon her, but I should have trusted you, and know that you would never commit adultery. I regret the way I reacted when oh told me that because, I should have been a lot calmer and knew that you loved me. I am very glad that you were honest and told me up front that you were alone with Abigail. Hated the emotion on your face, when I was taken away with Rebecca Nurse, and Martha Corey. It made me sick to my stomach that I was leaving my family, and most of all leaving my other.

I blame myself for being accused as a witch. And that’s where the downfall of our marriage went. I know you were trying to clear my name in court, and trying to save me from being accused as a witch, but I feel you dint need to confess yourself of being a witch, when you were never one to start with. I know you are very worried about me In Jail, but I was not going to confess In court about me being a witch, when it is not true.

Before you die, I Just want you to know how much I love you, and how you meant the world to me. I know you risking your life to save mine, which I feel that is very brave of you. I love you! With love from your wife, Elizabeth Proctor

Dearest Elizabeth, I just want say that was a very thoughtful letter from my lovely wife. I don’t want oh to blame yourself for anything, that you feel you are a fault for. I feel that I did not do a very good Job at being a very good husband towards you or being a good father to our kids. (John Proctor Essay)

I blame myself because I tried to save you from being accused as a witch and I now I am being sentence to death. I don’t want to leave you, and our kids. I love you so much! Also, I regret having that fight with you. I never meant anything I said about your attitude “being frozen as beer”. I regret having that moment with Abigail, because I had a gut feeling in stomach the whole time that bad hinge might happen.

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