Mental Health Disorders

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Many people get diagnosed with psychological disorder each day. Myers and Dewall (2016) state that nearly 1 in 4 adults in the U.S. suffer from a diagnosed psychological disorder. There are many different types of mental disorders. Disorder can range from substance abuse, anxiety, depression, bipolar among many others. This paper will describe a patient by the name of Tricia who exhibits symptoms of Anxiety Panic Disorder.

Tricia and Panic Disorder

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Tricia has clear symptoms of Panic Disorders. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders clearly state that anxiety disorders share characteristics of fear and nervousness and correlated behavior disturbances. It is estimated that 1 for every 75 people are diagnosed with panic disorders each year in the U.S. (Myers & Dewall, 2016).

Tricia is a 24-year-old female who just recently graduated college. She just recently got involved in a serious relationship after going out with him for several months. At the age of 7 Tricia was removed from her biological parent’s household because of physical abuse. She lived in a foster care for several years until she finally got adopted at the age of 13 by her foster parents. When Tricia was 10 years old she experienced her first panic attack after being moved again to a different foster home.

This information is helpful to know because research indicates that the life experiences the patient had in the last twelve months before her first initial panic attack is crucial to know because it can pin points the trigger of the anxiety disorde (Faravelli, 1995). In fact, Faravelli (1995) conducted a study that consisted of twenty-three participants that were diagnosed with panic disorders what Faravelli, was trying to determine was the correlation of the life events that led to these episodes within the twelve months leading to the attach. The results indicated that participants had significance life event s when compared to the controllers group (Faravelli, 1995). This information correlates with Tricia’s background because more than likely Tricia was afraid of being moved again since she had gone from foster home to foster home.

Tricia was taken to the emergency room because she had strong heart palpitations, consistent sweating’s, shortness of breath as well chest pain or numbness and dizzy spells. Her foster parents thought she was going to have a heart attack so decided not to take a chance and seeked medical helped. It was on that first visit where the doctors talked to Tricia and her foster parents about panic attacks. That same night however, Tricia also admitted to the doctor and the foster parents that she had also experienced before heat sensation as well as sometime feeling she was going to choke.

Three months ago she found out that her adoptive mom had stage IV cancer. Tricia is again experiencing, chest pain, nausea, shortness of breath as well dizzy spells and excessive sweating. Tricia however, is afraid that she might have a panic attack in front of her boyfriend because her boyfriend does not know her childhood history. Her boyfriend is worried because Tricia has been avoiding him lately because Tricia is worried she is going to lose control in front of him and he might not be interested anymore. These episodes are affecting her life because she is pushing away someone who cares about her because of fear of rejection. Panic attacks are also affecting her because now she is also worried that she might get cancer and is afraid of dying.


Having a psychological disorder is not something to be afraid of. Anyone who believes that he or she has some of the characteristics of any disorder should look for medical help. The identification and treatment of panic attacks can in fact reduce the probability of developing depression (Goodwin & Olfson, 2001).

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