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Modern Day Hero VS AngloSaxon Hero

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Modern Day Hero VS. Anglo-Saxon Hero Essay, Research Paper

During the Anglo-Saxon period, people worshiped Hero ’ s. Here are a twosome of ways how a modern twenty-four hours hero can be compared to one in the past.Nolan Ryan will be my pick of a authoritative modern twenty-four hours hero. One of the number ones of a hero ’ s characteristic is that he performs “ Outstanding Deeds ” . On page 35 in Beowulf “ Higlac ’ s weather follower rupturing out his manus of the monster, his hatred rose higher but his power has gone.

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Modern Day Hero VS AngloSaxon Hero
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” So to me that could be called an outstanding title. Now Nolan Ryan is non a War hero but a baseball participant. He was 45 at the clip and he had thrown 5,511 strikeouts, enchantress is a record that will non be broken anytime shortly. Another manner to be called a hero is to give great addresss. On page 31 of Beowulf “ Hail Hrothagi? ? ? ? . ” Beowulf is really good at this but on the other manus Nolan Ryan is a really low adult male.

So he ne’er truly gave addresss. The 3rd feature of a hero is to tout about his efforts. Beowulf does a good occupation of touting in this following line in Beowulf on page 31, “ And I am stronger than anyone in the world. ” To me that is a really large self-praise on Beowulf ’ s portion. Now for Nolan Ryan he is a really modest adult male and ne’er had any ground to tout about anything, his Numberss did the speaking for him. Now the last of the of features that is that he descended from Royalty. Now on page 31 in Beowulf, “ Higlac is my cousin and my King. ” Now on the other manus Nolan Ryan ’ s place in baseball had nil to make humor

h his family. He was noting more than a country boy from Alvin, Texas.Now all of those were characteristic of an Anglo-Saxon hero that are very different from those of a modern day hero. The first of them is if the Public eye likes the hero to be humble and have good sportsmanship. Nolan Ryan never went around taunting his opponents or talking about how good he is. But on the other hand Beowulf talked very highly of himself. I don’t think the public would have liked that very much about him. Another characteristic of a modern day hero is his appearance. Nolan was a good-looking guy. He did wrangler jeans ads. He also did TV commercials for Advil. From what the book told me Beowulf was not a very pretty site. So he probably wouldn’t of gotten any modeling ads. The third characteristic is to be a role model to the kids. During Nolan Ryan’s playing time every kid in America wanted to be a baseball player throwing a hundred-mile an hour fastballs. I know that I was one of them at the time. But if you were to bring Beowulf into being a role model for kids. He would be called a murder. The Final of my characteristics is for him to be an athlete. Nolan Ryan has seven no-hitters and 5,511 strikeouts. Now if that doesn’t qualify him to be an athlete I am not sure what else could make him one. Now I am sure that if Beowulf were alive today he would have been an exceptional athlete.The time period between these two are hundreds of years. They lived in two very different cultures but they were heroes in their own era.

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Modern Day Hero VS AngloSaxon Hero. (2017, Jul 20). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/modern-day-hero-vs-anglosaxon-hero-essay/

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