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Montresor’s Insanity Essay

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Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I am here to tell you all that my client, Montresor is proven to be innocent by insanity. Fifty years ago, a man lost his friend and his mind. To this day, he is charged for his losses. At the time of the carnival, Montresor was blamed to be the cause of the death of his friend, Fortunato.

Today, my defendant is considered as an insane, madman. Therefore, he couldn’t have possibly premeditated the murder of his friend, Fortunato. First of all, ladies and gentlemen, Montresor clearly showed his insanity in his confession.

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Montresor’s Insanity
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Any normal person that can handle an insult would not take it to heart and injure him/ her a thousand times, but take the insult and let it go. Montresor proves he is incapable to reason, when he says, “ The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as best I could, but when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge (page 216).

” Not only did he just state this, he has a motto that he lives by. Now this whole piece can prove his insanity by what he says and does. Throughout this whole event, Montresor was “planning” all to himself.

Don’t you think that is insane? Also, when he says that he had faced a thousand injuries, but only swear to revenge when insulted, shows his madness. Obviously this proves his psychotic state of mind, because he swore to go choose death as a type of revenge only for an insult. Secondly, my client’s actions show that he is a socio path. You would be insane if you screamed back at your dying friend, locked and choking in the wall. Any normal person would have saved his or her friend, but Montresor didn’t. It gave him a rush to hear his friend’s cries.

In his testimony, Montresor says, “I placed my hand upon the solid fabric at the catacombs and felt satisfied…. I aided, surpassed them in volume and in strength (Page 217)” This statement can be used to prove that Montresor is insane because he is basically saying that he felt happy and relieved by the suffering and death of Fortunato. Also this can prove that his mental mind is unstable, because when his friend was crying for help, instead of helping Fortunato, he screamed back and even harder at Fortunato. Screaming back at your dieing friend without helping him is considered pretty crazy, don’t you think?

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