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New Ending to the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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My Ending Huck has to decide if he wants to be part of society or completely against it Huck has to choose if he wants to travel in Indian terrority or have a family and live with aunt sally. Jim is free and aunt sally offers him and his family a job to work around the farm Huck decided to stay with aunt sally Why I did what I did

Huckleberry Finn was a good book because twain was trying to make a huck an independent character who went against society’s unwritten rules (examples: did not want to be civilized helped a slave lied a lot etc) however I felt that huck s character development lacked in the end of the book.

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New Ending to the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
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Huck never really had much of a family. Throughtout the novel he stayed at the hypocrctal ms Watson s place or his drunk father’s place I wanted huck to finally have a really good family to grow up in and be surrounded by people who love and care for him.

He made a connection to jim and aunt sally and he didn’t want to let go of that. Chapter 43: a paid free slave, adventures or a home, yours truly, Huck Finn When I got Tom by myself, I asked him what purpose was had of the plan he made and why he never went ahead and warned me Jim was free in the first place. Tom replied by saying I hadn’t had no idea how to have a good time and I would have spoiled the whole thing by calling the plan unreasonable. I reckoned he was probably right but I didn’t admit it out loud.

Aunt Sally was being awfully nice to Jim after she found out all the trouble he went though and how nice he treated Tom. He got all he wanted to eat and uncle Silas was so nice he offered Jim a job at the farm. Well I never did see a slave so joyful. He started babbling to me about how his hair ball was right and it predicted he be making some money. Tom he was heading back home and told me we ought to have another one these adventures soon. As for me I was planning on heading out to the Indian Territory for my next adventure.

Yet Aunt Sally reckoned I’d stay with her. She wanted to adopt me and I weren’t so sure that I was against the idea. I wasn’t too fond of being civilized but Aunt Sally ain’t so bad and I shouldn’t be saying this but I’d miss that feller Jim. I think they care about me and I guess I care about them too. I figure I’ll try this thing out but I don’t guarantee I’ll be staying. I might be gone by t’morry. One thing for sure I won’t be writing no more. Writing this book was enough trouble I ain’t planning on doing it again. Yours truly Huck Finn.

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