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Nora as a Tragic Heroine

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Nora Helmer is undoubtedly the most outstanding character in A Doll’s House. Our attention is largely focused on her as we go through the play. Other characters, notably Helmer and Krogstad , also engage our attention but it is the vicissitude in the life of Nora and the fate that awaits her interest us most. in the beginning of the play Nora does appear to be a person without any character and therefore ,a cipher. She seems to be completely dependent upon her husband and she behaves as if she were absolutely a subservient to him.

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Her husband treats her as a pet and she is content with her role as a pet. He treats her as a possession and as an item in his property and she accepts that position also. In short Nora acts as a doll- wife of Helmer just as she used to act as a baby –doll of her father before her marriage. Such a woman would apparently appear as devoid of any character because a character like hers has no independence and individuality.

Some critics even explain Nora as a comic character.

It is certainly absurd on Nora’s part to allow herself to be treated as a pet. When Helmer calls her his ‘little skylark’ and his ‘little squirrel ‘ we feel amused. But it is more amusing that Nora herself describes her with those epithets . even her popping a macaroon into her mouth and trying to hide the bag of macaroon from her husband is a comic act. The scene of her flirtation with Doctor Rank too has something comic about it. But it is a tragic character that Nora is memorable.

The dominant impression that the story leaves on our mind is tragic and we think of Nora as a terrible victim of misfortune. Her misfortune is one which is mainly caused by the prevalent social code and her weak character. On the Christmas eve , when Mrs Linde cames to see her , she tells her that fortune has smiled upon her after a long day because Helmer has been appointed the manager of a bank and would soon be drawing a fat salary. But very soon her happiness is shattered by Krogstad. He continues to blackmail her with the threat to disclose her secret to Helmer.

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