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Performance Art, Conceptual Art, Installation Art

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    A sculpture intended by the artist to move is called ________ sculpture.
    a. a kineticb. an armaturec. a motion-detector

    d. a fluted

    A. Kinetic
    All sculptures have this characteristic in common:
    a. they exist in three-dimensional spaceb. they are made of solid materialsc. they are meant to last for many years

    d. they are created for beauty

    e. all of these answers

    A. they exist in three-dimensional space
    An artwork can fit into only one of the following categories: performance art, conceptual art, installation art. True/False
    An artwork that consists exclusively of drawings, designs, and plans would best be described as ________.
    a. performance artb. conceptual artc. an installation

    d. a happening

    e. none of the other answers

    B. conceptual art
    An artwork that consists of a re-created bedroom with videos projected onto the walls would best be described as ________.
    a. performance art
    b. an installation
    c. a readymade
    d. oil on canvas
    B. an Installation
    An artwork that consists of cutting off someone’s tie and pouring shampoo on his head would best be described as ________.
    a. performance artb. an installationc. a readymade

    d. buon fresco

    A. performance art
    Ancient Greek sculptors sometimes created cast sculptures from ________, an alloy of copper and tin.
    a. steelb. aluminumc. brass

    d. bronze

    e. silver

    d. bronze
    Another name for freestanding sculpture is ________.
    a. in the roundb. high reliefc. dynamic presence

    d. bas-relief

    e. modeling

    a. in the round
    Artists who model forms using soft pliable materials, such as clay or wax, sometimes employ this kind of support when creating their work.
    a. an armatureb. a kilnc. a chisel

    d. calipers

    e. a patina

    a. an armature
    Artworks made using alternative media and processes ________.
    a. break down categories of traditional artworksb. break down the traditional boundaries between art and lifec. focus our attention on objects, actions, and events we might otherwise overlook

    d. all of the previous answers

    e. none of the previous answers

    d. all of the previous answers
    Artworks made using alternative media are best accessed by ________ but often exist only in the form of ________.
    a. videos . . . handwritten lettersb. direct experience . . . visual documentation or personal accountsc. artworks made using alternative media can never be accessed after they are completed

    d. rooftop . . . postcards

    e. the Internet . . . still pictures

    b. direct experience…. visual documentation or personal accounts
    As an artist, Marina Abramovic is known for her ________.
    a. extreme performance piecesb. extensive note-taking abilityc. traditional approach

    d. extroverted personality

    e. extremely long hair

    a. extreme performance pieces
    If a sculptor wanted to create a relief that was visible from more than one angle, bas-relief would be a good method to use. True/False
    If an artist wanted to create a relief in which a tree appeared further away than a park bench, carving the park bench more deeply (in high relief) would achieve this effect. True/False
    When artists use objects which they did not make, but found already existing, these objects are called ________.
    a. weavingb. castingc. readymades

    d. earthworks

    e. lost-wax

    c. readymades
    Sculptures created using this method often require the movement of large amounts of soil from one location to another.
    a. earthworksb. chiselingc. casting

    d. readymades

    e. constructing

    a. earthworks
    The ___________ process relies on a modeled original form made from a pliable material, and results in a final sculpture of bronze.
    a. gum moldingb. gobbingc. clay bonding

    d. lost-wax casting

    e. cotton stretching

    d. lost-wax casting
    The sculptural process in which the artist carves only in shallow depth is called ________.
    a. bas-reliefb. pinchc. freestanding

    d. in the round

    e. high relief

    a. bas-relief
    What method of sculpture is the artist using when he/she assembles component parts in order to create an artwork?
    a. castingb. repousséc. bending

    d. construction

    e. carving

    d. construction
    Unlike freestanding sculpture, this type of sculpture produces an image that is still connected to its material of origin, and can only be viewed from one side.
    a. modelingb. in the roundc. relief

    d. dynamic presence

    e. oast

    This process involves taking over a pre-existing image or object and altering its appearance in a way that changes its original meaning or purpose.
    a. appropriationb. repousséc. exchanging

    d. pre-selection

    e. felting

    a. appropriation
    This sculpting process involves adding a liquid or pliable material to a mold.
    a. earthworksb. readymadesc. constructing

    d. chiseling

    e. casting

    e. casting
    This sculptural process is the act of creating an environment that a viewer will experience within a space.
    a. installationb. castingc. carving

    d. readymades

    a. installation
    When a sculpture is designed to be viewed from one side, and protrudes dynamically from its background plane or is carved with deeply incised marks, this is called ________.
    a. in the roundb. placid designc. bas-relief

    d. freestanding

    e. high relief

    e. high relief
    Which of these is not an additive process of sculpting?
    a. modelingb. constructingc. casting

    d. earthworks

    e. chiseling

    e. chiseling
    Which of these is not a subtractive method of sculpting?
    a. sawingb. castingc. chiseling

    d. drilling

    e. carving

    b. casting
    Which of these materials can be used to create a sculpture?
    a. waxb. stonec. plastic

    d. ice

    e. all of the other answers

    e. all of the above
    An artist who is using brush and ink will often control the value of the ink by ________.
    a. using different values of paperb. changing the drawing toolc. diluting with water

    d. scratching the surface of the paper

    c. diluting with water
    Artists’ chalk is powdered calcium carbonate combined with this binder.
    a. glueb. oilc. egg

    d. wax

    e. gum arabic

    e. gum arabic
    Artists’ crayon is made by mixing pigment with ________.
    a. glueb. waxc. oil

    d. gum arabic

    e. egg

    b. wax
    Before the invention of paper, drawings were done on ________.
    a. animal hideb. papyrusc. cloth

    d. wood

    e. all of the other answers

    e. all of the above
    Color pencil is much like graphite pencil, but the lead is made from pigment and ________.
    a. waxb. chalkc. oil

    d. zinc

    e. lead

    a. wax
    East Asian artists have traditionally applied ink using a ________.
    a. quillb. clothc. brush

    d. trowel

    e. stick

    c. brush
    If an artist wanted to create an area of darkness using the medium of silverpoint, he or she would use the technique of ________.
    a. scratchingb. hatchingc. intonaco

    d. arriccio

    e. sgraffito

    b. hatching
    If an artist wanted to create an artwork that they could easily alter, and in which they could quickly fix any mistakes, buon fresco would be a good method to use. True/False
    If an artist wanted to paint a very detailed miniature forest scene, egg tempera would be a good medium to use. True/False
    If an artist wanted to work on a painting over a number of days, blending and making changes, egg tempera paint would be a good medium to use. True/False
    If you wanted to create a colorful drawing that could be easily erased or altered, gall ink would be a good medium to use. True/False
    False, gall ink is know for dark black color and turns to brown after years
    In addition to its fiber content and weight, paper is also classified by its _____________.
    a. shapeb. colorc. surface texture

    d. size

    c. surface texture
    Paint in its most basic form is composed of ________ and a liquid binder.
    a. pigmentb. impastoc. tempera

    d. beeswax

    e. glaze

    a. pigment
    One of the advantages of acrylic paint is that it can be cleaned up using this liquid.
    a. oilb. waterc. turpentine

    d. kerosene

    e. Dr. Pepper

    b. water
    In which country was paper invented by Cai Lun, who made it out of macerated plant fibers suspended in water?
    a. Chinab. Japanc. Turkey

    d. Korea

    e. India

    a. china
    Pencils have a range of values from very light to very dark. If you wanted a dark value, which of these pencil numbers would be the darkest?
    a. 9Bb. HBc. 2B

    d. 9H

    e. 2H

    a. 9B
    Tempera lends itself to high ________ because it is usually applied with a brush in short, thin strokes.
    a. detailb. valuec. impasto

    d. gloss

    e. color

    a. detail
    The binding agent for tempera paint is ________.
    a. eggb. beeswaxc. gum arabic

    d. milk

    e. oil

    a. egg
    The binding agent in encaustic painting is ________.
    a. linseed oilb. egg yolkc. beeswax

    d. gum arabic

    e. milk casein

    c. beeswax
    The transparency of oil paint allows a painter to use a process called ___________ in order to add a high degree of luminosity to a painting.
    a.sfumatob. glazingc. impasto

    d. hatching

    b. glazing
    There are two types of fresco. Fresco secco, which means dry fresco, and this kind, which means good fresco.
    a. mezzob. tondoc. unum

    d. buon

    e. calabria

    d. buon
    These two types of charcoal are the most commonly used as drawing materials:
    a. compressedb. chunkc. dry

    d. lamp

    e. bone

    f. vine

    a. compressed; f. vine
    This component of paint has traditionally been extracted from minerals, soils, vegetable matter, and animal by-products.
    a. solventb. pigmentc. impasto

    d. glaze

    e. polymers

    b. pigment
    This contemporary painting medium uses a polymer resin as a binder.
    a. temperab. oilc. encaustic

    d. acrylic

    e. ink

    d. acrylic
    This drawing medium utilizes a piece of silver wire set in a holder.
    a. silverpointb. bistrec. pencil

    d. sanguine

    e. gum arabic

    a. silverpoint
    This is not a traditional paint binder.
    a. lyeb. egg yolkc. walnut oil

    d. beeswax

    e. gum arabic

    a. lye
    This medium is made of pigment suspended in water so that it adheres to the fibers of paper to which it is commonly applied. Usually there is a small amount of gum arabic in this medium, and it most often uses only black pigment.
    a. inkb. oilc. tempera

    d. acrylic

    e. encaustic

    a. ink

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