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Perseus and Theseus

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  • Pages 2
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    The two heroes I am talking about are Perseus and Theseus. Perseus comes from the story Perseus and the quest for Medusa head. Theseus comes from the story the adventures of Theseus .Characteristics of an ideal hero are bravery and strength. Perseus and Theseus showed those things.

    Perseus showed bravery because he wanted to prove to the king that he could kill medusa. He realized that maybe he couldn`t kill her until a man and woman came and gave him a pouch, sword, and winged boots. When he got them he was ready to get Medusa`s head he first went and had to be brave because he went to kill medusa and be very quiet when he was running from the gorgons then he killed a sea monster. Perseus showed bravery he definitely qualifies as an ideal hero.

    Perseus showed bravery but Theseus showed strength. Theseus did amazing things to get his gear to kill the Minotaur. Theseus qualified as a hero for sure. Theseus not only was strong but he also looked strong. He would more than likely be strong to be a hero. He was amazing with things he did.

    Theseus always showed strength in the activities he accomplished he was strong above others and he lifted a boulder, which gave him his sword and shoes. Then he went off to kill the Minotaur he showed strength because he might have had to fight if he had no weapons he would have to fight the Minotaur. He actually deserves to be called a hero. Theseus and Perseus were heroes they showed traits only a hero would show they qualify as heroes.

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