Persuasive: Men and Women are not Equal

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Despite living in the United States, women still earn 22 percent less than men do. This unfortunate reality reflects a persistent belief that women are worth less. Shockingly, this pay inequality remains unchanged regardless of factors like education, experience, and potential. It is crucial for companies to acknowledge and appreciate the unique contributions and experiences that women bring, which differ greatly from those of men. By embracing these differences, organizations can benefit from women’s fresh perspectives and mindsets, ultimately helping them achieve their goals.

The argument can be made that women possess natural nurturing traits, making them well-suited for occupations like therapists and teachers that require support and encouragement. Although the women’s rights movement in the United States has effectively addressed blatant infringements on women’s freedom, certain countries, particularly Arab nations, have yet to emulate this progress.

Women’s freedom is limited as they must have their husband’s permission to leave their homes, wear a face-concealing veil, can’t own property, and lack societal and government representation. The core argument for women’s freedom is based on the belief that they are human beings who deserve all associated rights. It is unfair for women to have to struggle for their freedom; it should be granted automatically like with every human at birth. Nations that don’t uphold these freedoms fail to recognize that their outdated views on women reflect poorly on them as a country.

The text implies that certain individuals are resistant to adapt in a changing world. This mindset has led some women to believe they are lesser than men. Consequently, domestic violence has predominantly become an issue faced by women, particularly unreported cases. Addressing this matter is crucial for two reasons. Firstly, it is necessary to shed light on the unreported incidents and secondly, to encourage these victims to recognize their rights and value.

The second goal is to reveal these undisclosed attacks as a transgression against women’s rights instead of an insignificant crime. In conclusion, contemporary women are continuously battling for their position in society. Whether it involves earnings, liberty, or identity, the struggle is a concrete part of their lives. Nevertheless, their determination and tenacity are some of the reasons why they deserve to fully experience their rights. Undoubtedly, they will triumph over any remaining biases and impediments in order to be acknowledged as equals.

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