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Protists – Eukaryotic Organisms

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    Question Answer
    What have been called the “jewels of the sea?” diatoms
    Protists are eukaryotes that cannot be classified as _____, _______, or _______ animals, plants, fungi
    Which traits are shared by all protists? they both live in moist environments and are eukaryotes
    What are the 3 categories that scientists divide protists into? Animal-like
    Animal like protists are _________, and most are able to move from place to place to ______ _______. heterotrophs, obtain food
    What name is given to animal like protists? protozoans
    what are Pseudopods -the word means false foot
    -they are temporary bulgdes of the cell and they them pseudopods to move and eat
    -they form when cytoplasm flows toward one direction and the rest of the organism follows
    -also known as sarcodines
    what is Contractile vacuole? a structure that collects the extra water and expels it from the cell
    what is Cilia? hair-like projections that help the ciliate move and collect food
    What characteristics make the amoeba suited to life in either soil or water? it can change shape and flow easily through different substances
    What characteristics make the paramecium suited to living only in water? the ciliate has two contractile vacuoles and the ciliate wont beas effective in soil (because they aren’t strong enough on their own)
    what is Symbiosis? a close relationship in which one of the Species benefit
    what is Mutualism? a close relationship where both of the species beneift
    What protozoan causes malaria? plasmodium
    How are algae similar to plants? they are both autotrophs
    What traits of algae vary greatly? color and size
    size- unicellular to colonies of thousands of cells
    color- green red brown yellow orange or black
    How many cells does a euglena have? one
    What color pigments can brown algae contain? green, yellow, brown, and orange
    What do fungi and fungi like protists have in common? they both are heterotrophs, have cell walls, and use spores to reproduce
    Like fungi, fungus-like protists are ___________, have __________ and use ___________ to reproduce. heterotrophs, cell walls, spores
    What are the 3 types of funguslike protists? slime molds
    water molds
    downy mildew
    How have funguslike protists caused human deaths? Water molds destroyed the irish potato crops causing starvation
    List the four types of animal-like protists. What are they each called 1. Protozoans with pseudopods (sarcodines)
    2. Protozoans with cilia (ciliates)
    3. Protozoans with flagella (flagellates)
    4. Protozoans that are parasites (they have no name
    How are these four types of protists similar to animals? How are they different? they are both heterotrophs and most are able to move and obtain food. but unlike animals they are all unicellular
    You observe an animal-like protist under the microscope. It has no hairlike or whiplike structures. It moves by forming temporary bulges of cytoplasm. How would you classify this protist? they are called pseudopods and the only protozoan that can form them is the sarcodines.
    In what way are diatoms, dinoflagellates, and other plantlike protists similar to plants? they all are autrotrophs
    Why is sunlight important to plantlike protists? because they all are autotrophs and use the sun’s energy like plants
    Would you classify euglena as an animal-like protist or as a plantlike protist? Explain. both because they could be both autotrophs and heterotrophs

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