Psychological Treatment For Anxiety Disorders

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There are many factors that psychologists must look at to diagnose a person with a disorder. Jake was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder due to taking harder classes. Looking at the behavioral, humanistic, and cognitive approaches in Jake’s diagnosis, it will give a better understanding on why his anxiety was caused and what they can do about treating it.

In the behavioral approach, the behaviorist will look at the behavior of a person or animal. The way a person is behaving may indicate that something is going on in the client’s surroundings and psychologists will need to figure out what is affecting them. It will help explain and identify why the client is behaving the way they are. In Jake’s case, he may need help with studying or concentrating. If Jake can reach out and seek help, it might help him to better understand his harder classes. Even if he focused a little more that may help him too. By him doing so it will lead to less stress which will hopefully reduce the anxiety his classes give him.

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Humanistic is another approach, it is different from behavioral because they look more within the person than the surroundings. The thing with humanisms is they believe that all people are good. They want to be able to understand what their client’s go through with a conversation rather than using psychoanalysis. If anything, they completely try to avoid psychoanalysis on clients. The humanistic psychologists will use emotions through conversation to try and understand the client’s thoughts and feelings. They will put themselves in Jake’s shoes to see why he is so anxious about his classes. By doing this they share their thoughts and feelings hoping that Jake will see that he can pass his classes.

Lastly, the cognitive approach will look more into Jake’s brain rather than his surroundings. They can compare this to the humanistic approach in a way, both approaches look into the client’s brain rather than the environment. Cognitive psychologists want to be able to know what goes on inside their client head. They will sit down with Jake and have him talk about what goes on daily in his everyday life. By doing so, it helps them see if his talks are more positive or negative. Since Jake has anxiety, his talks will most likely be negative so they will try to change the conversation to be more positive. Which will hopefully get Jake to see his classes in a more positive view and he will become comfortable and confident in his classes.

Whichever way they go with it, they will still be helping Jake with his anxiety disorder. All three of the approaches are different but they all go after the same issue. It just takes finding which approach works best for Jake and what he feels more comfortable doing.

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