According To Conflict Theory, What Is The Real Source of Racism?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The real source of racism is the conflict between different groups fighting for scarce resources.
Detailed answer:

According to conflict theory, racism is a product of conflict between groups, which can be either social or economic. Conflict theorists believe that racism originates from the unequal distribution of resources between members of different groups. They also argue that racism is perpetuated by those in power in order to maintain their position, and they say that racism leads to discrimination and prejudice against members of minority groups.

Conflict theorists have developed four main theories about how racism affects society: 1) it results in social inequality; 2) it results in economic inequality; 3) it causes violence; 4) it causes injustice. According to conflict theorists, these negative effects are all caused by the fact that people tend to seek out others with similar backgrounds and beliefs—this leads to homogeneity within social groups and creates prejudice against those who are different from us (i.e., those who do not share our culture or language).

Conflict theory also describes how racism affects individuals: according to this theory, people who are discriminated against often feel powerless because they cannot fight back against their oppressors without risking retaliation (which might result in physical harm).

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