How Old Is Johnny From The Outsiders?

Updated: December 10, 2022
Johnny is 14 years old.
Detailed answer:

In The Outsiders, Johnny is fourteen years old and in the film adaptation he is sixteen. He is the youngest member of the greasers gang. He has light brown hair and green eyes. His intelligence and observant nature contribute to making him a good fighter. Loyalty to his friends and protective nature are among his defining characteristics as well as a tough exterior masking a sensitive and vulnerable interior revealed through some of his decisions during the story that show him to be impulsive and make rash choices at times without thinking things through fully or considering all possible consequences before acting on them. The death of his brother Dally affects Johnny deeply, causing him to act out in some instances but not losing sight of what’s important in life despite having been affected by many violent experiences between himself and others throughout the story due to his involvement with gangs from both sides, culminating in an ultimate end game face-off between himself, Ponyboy Curtis (his oldest friend), two members from each gang including Dallas Winston from Johnny’s own Greasers gang and Steve Randle from the Socs gang, none of whom survive after being shot by Cherry Valance who ends up killing herself after this incident when she realizes what she had done due in large part no doubt to the guilt she feels over having killed the boys, having once been a member of the Socs herself. Johnny’s mother raised him alone after the death of his father and he has never known his father.

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