What Are The Conflicts In Night?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The conflicts in Night are the struggles that the Jews face in the concentration camps and the conflict that Elie Wiesel faces within himself.
Detailed answer:

Night is a book about the Holocaust, so it’s not exactly surprising that there are a lot of conflicts in it.

The first conflict is between the Jews and the Nazis. The Nazis were cruel to the Jews, and they forced them to live in ghettos and concentration camps where they were treated horribly. Elie tells us that he was beaten by Germans when he was only eight years old!

The second conflict is between the Jews and non-Jews in the ghetto. Some people collaborated with the Nazis to help them round up other Jews for transportation to concentration camps, but others helped save lives by hiding people from the Nazis or smuggling them out of Poland into Russia.

The third conflict is between Elie and his father—he struggles with whether or not he should tell his father what happened to him during his time in Auschwitz because he doesn’t want him to know how horrible it was.

The fourth conflict is between Elie and himself—he struggles with grief over losing everyone he loves, as well as guilt over having survived while so many others didn’t. He also has nightmares about what happened there that keep him.

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