What Are The Examples of Personification In The Necklace?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The wind was howling for hours this morning. The sun smiled down on me as I walked to work.
Detailed answer:

In The Necklace, there are several examples of personification.

The wind is howling in the night and the rain is beating against the windows. This shows that there is a lot of activity around the house, and it’s not just because there are so many people in it. It’s also because of what they’re doing; they’re all having fun and being loud, but they’re also doing it outside where they can be heard by everyone else.

The fire is crackling in the fireplace, which makes it seem like a living thing rather than just an object that was created for heat or light. It also makes it seem like something alive would have emotions too (like anger or sadness) and would feel good when someone pats its head or gives it some attention.

The clock is ticking on the mantelpiece, which gives us an idea about how old this house is compared to other houses we’ve seen in literature before this one—since clocks weren’t very common until after World War II ended (and maybe not even then), we know that this house must be over 100 years old. It also reminds us that time passes quickly when you’re having fun!

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