What Causes Global Warming?

Updated: September 17, 2022
The greenhouse effect and human activity are the two main causes of global warming.
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What Causes Global Warming?

Global warming is a serious threat to the environment and human health, and it needs to be addressed urgently. There are many contributing factors to global warming, including greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane that absorb heat and sunlight, causing the Earth’s atmosphere to warm. Deforestation and other land use changes release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, exacerbating global warming. Burning fossil fuels like coal and oil releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, furthering global warming. Industrial and agricultural processes also release greenhouse gases, contributing to global warming. Natural processes like volcanoes and decomposition also release greenhouse gases, but at a much lower rate than human activity.

The Earth’s atmosphere is becoming increasingly warmer due to the increased concentration of greenhouse gases. This rise in temperature is causing the Earth’s climate to change, resulting in more extreme weather conditions and rising sea levels.

We can take steps to reduce our carbon footprint by driving less often (or using public transportation), recycling more often, turning off lights when we leave rooms or buildings unoccupied for long periods of time (such as overnight stays at hotels), turning off appliances when not in use for extended periods of time.

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