What Did Aristotle Believe About Human Nature?

Updated: March 04, 2023
Aristotle believed that human nature is good and that people are social beings.
Detailed answer:

Aristotle believed that human nature is good and that people are social beings. The good life, according to the philosopher, is one that is lived in accordance with virtue – a set of moral dispositions that enable us to flourish as social beings.

Philosopher’s theory of virtue holds that each person has a specific function or role in society and that it’s through fulfilling these roles that we can lead a meaningful life. He also believed that happiness comes from pursuing the good and virtuous life.

Actually, Aristotle thought that human nature was inherently good because he believed in a natural law or cosmic order. This is what gave him the confidence to say that all humans have certain common characteristics and needs, which means that we all have certain natural rights as well.

Aristotle’s ideas about human nature were strongly influenced by his observation of animals. He noticed that different species had different characteristics, but also found similarities between them: all animals need to eat, sleep and reproduce in order for their species to survive.

He concluded from this that humans are just another type of animal and therefore have similar needs as other species – namely food, shelter, comfort and companionship. Aristotle argued that since people have these same basic needs as other animals they must also be motivated by them (i.e., they’re not rational).

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