What Happened To Richard From The 57 Bus?

Updated: February 06, 2023
Richard was attacked and left with severe burns. He later died in the hospital.
Detailed answer:

Richard was on his way to school, just as he had been for years. But that day, he was hit by a bus and suffered severe brain damage.

The 57 bus line runs through the neighborhood and is known for sometimes being crowded and slow, so most people get off at one of the stops along the route, making it easier to fit everyone onto the bus. But Richard was an avid walker who regularly covered up to five miles at a time, and he liked to listen to music through earphones while he did it. So he walked straight down International Boulevard until he came upon the bus stop.

The bus driver had a green light and was trying to merge left into the turn lane when she hit Richard from behind, breaking his neck and fracturing his skull. He died two days later at Highland Hospital with his parents by his side.

As news spread about Richard’s death, people started talking about what happened that day—and why. Was it because of bad weather? Because Richard was wearing earphones? Because he was walking so fast? Or was it simply because he was black?

Richard’s death has sparked calls for improved safety measures for pedestrians in Oakland, including better lighting and more crossing guards. However, some people don’t think that this is the best solution.

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