What Is a Native American?

Updated: November 28, 2022
A Native American is a person who belongs to one of the many indigenous peoples of the Americas. The term "Native American" includes both indigenous peoples of the mainland and of the islands of the Americas.
Detailed answer:

Native Americans are the Indigenous people of the Americas. They are divided into two main groups: those who live in North America and those who live in South America.

Native Americans have a rich and diverse history, which includes colonizing the land, adapting to its climates, and inventing some of the most important technologies that we still use today.

Native Americans have a unique relationship with the land, having lived on it for thousands of years before European settlers arrived in the Americas—and they continue to live on it today.

Native Americans have a unique culture and way of life that has been shaped by their environment and history. For example, many Native American tribes have oral histories instead of written histories, so they pass down their stories from one generation to another through storytelling traditions such as dances or songs.

Native Americans have a deep connection to all things natural—they believe that all living things are interconnected and should be treated with respect for this reason. This belief is reflected in many aspects of Native American culture like food preparation methods (such as using only wild ingredients), clothing styles (such as wearing animal skins), housing styles (such as building homes out of branches), hunting practices (such as not killing animals unless necessary), etc..

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