What is Airline Catering?

Updated: January 15, 2023
Airlines typically outsource their catering to specialist companies. This is because catering is a complex and time-consuming operation which requires specialised knowledge and equipment.
Detailed answer:

The food and beverage service provided by an airline to its passengers is called airline catering. Airline catering is usually provided on board the aircraft, but can also be provided at airports. The airline catering industry is highly regulated, with strict safety and quality standards.

The main purpose of airline catering is to provide meals that will satisfy passengers’ hunger while they’re flying and keep their energy levels up. This means that airlines need to provide nutritious meals that are easy to eat and digest during flights, which can last between one hour and 16 hours depending on the destination.

Airline catering companies also provide snacks and drinks on board planes as well as customer service staff who deliver these items to passengers’ seats during flights.

On long-haul flights, airlines often offer special menus for passengers who want to eat kosher or vegetarian meals. Some airlines also offer special meals for passengers with allergies or religious beliefs.

Airline catering companies are responsible for supplying the food and drink that is served on board a plane. They usually have their own kitchens, which they use to prepare snacks, meals and drinks before they are put in boxes ready to serve on board an aircraft.

Airlines have strict guidelines for what they will serve their passengers, so that they can make sure that everyone on board gets fed without wasting too much space in the cargo hold on uneaten food.

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