What Is Animal Farm About?

Updated: June 22, 2023
Animal Farm is a novel about the rise of the Soviet Union and the rebellion against it.
Detailed answer:

George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” a literary gem, is a profound allegory encapsulating the turbulent rise and ensuing rebellion of the Soviet Union. At the heart of this narrative is a band of sentient and astute animals inhabiting the eponymous Animal Farm, bound under the cruel dominion of Napoleon, their autocratic leader.

This despot, Napoleon, wields his power with brutal force, subjecting the animals to a life brimming with fear, obliged to follow his every whim. Yet, despite the grim circumstances, the beleaguered animals forge an alliance, kindling the flames of rebellion against their oppressor.

The ensuing struggle is a perilous dance with danger and uncertainty. Yet, in the end, victory favors the courageous animals as they topple Napoleon and reclaim their cherished freedom. Through its riveting and thought-stirring depiction of this animalistic society, “Animal Farm” emanates as a potent critique of the essence of power and the perils of unbridled authority.

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