What is Frida Kahlo Known For?

Updated: November 28, 2022
She is known for her self-portraits and her exploration of Mexican and indigenous culture.
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Frida Kahlo is known for her self-portraits and the personal nature of her artwork. She was a Mexican artist who lived from 1907 to 1954, and she produced hundreds of paintings and drawings during her lifetime, often portraying herself as an icon of strength and defiance in the face of hardship. Her work explores themes like identity, gender, sexuality, politics and other social issues, thus she is considered one of the leading figures of Mexican and Latin American art. She has been called one of history’s greatest artists by some critics, although others have criticized her work as being too subjective or personal to be truly considered great art.
The artist married famous Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, and the two were often compared in the artistic world. Her early life was marred by tragedy when she suffered serious injuries in a traffic accident at age 18 that left her right leg shorter than her left, however, she went on to become a successful artist who created some of her most famous works while working from bed or wheelchair — including “The Broken Column.”
The majority of Kahlo’s paintings are are highly sought-after and have been exhibited in major museums around the world. She still remains a great example and source of inspiration for many contemporary artists.

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