What is Realistic About “Cinderella Stories” Like The Film Pretty Woman?

Updated: November 22, 2022
Though "Cinderella Stories" like the film Pretty Woman are romanticized, they are based on a real life phenomena known as the Sugar Baby lifestyle.
Detailed answer:

One of the most common criticisms of “Cinderella stories” like Pretty Woman is that they are unrealistic. People often say that Cinderella stories are idealistic and that not many women can actually experience things like they do in these stories.
The Pretty Woman film is about a prostitute who falls in love with a rich man. Actually, many people see this as a modern-day fairy tale, but some critics say that it is unrealistic because prostitution is illegal in most places, and even if it wasn’t, few people would be willing to pay for sex. Also, people have criticized Pretty Woman for its portrayal of women and its depiction of violence against women, arguing that it paints prostitutes as weak and unable to take care of themselves without help from others (in this case, a wealthy man). On the other hand, there have been some positive reviews of Pretty Woman as well—some critics say they enjoyed its humor and romantic elements, while others praise its overall entertainment value.
It’s hard not to love the story of a beautiful woman who falls in love with a poor guy and helps him clean up his act, but Pretty Woman does have its problems when it comes to realism. For one thing, the way Vivian changes Julian’s life isn’t realistic at all—she teaches him how to dress better by buying him new clothes and doing his laundry, but really? This kind of thing wouldn’t happen in real life! And while we get it that she’s helping him out because he makes her feel good about herself… seriously? That’s not going to help anyone get their life together!

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