What is the bluest eye about?

Updated: October 07, 2022
The Bluest Eye is a novel about an African-American girl who grows up feeling ugly and unimportant because she doesn't have blue eyes. The novel focuses on the theme of race and beauty standards in society.
Detailed answer:

What is the bluest eye about? It is an emotional, moving novel that will evoke empathy. It deals with issues that most readers will never encounter in their own lifetimes, but that every person will face at some point. Though rape and incest are deeply personal, there are also universal concerns, such as racism and a cultural standard of beauty. Morrison makes these topics feel very real, and she knows how to use her words to make readers think. The Bluest Eye is the debut novel by Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison. It follows a black family in post-Depression 1940s Ohio. Pecola, who is lonely and unloved, dreams of having blue eyes like her white schoolfellows. The novel is a haunting, intimate, and powerful exploration of how the past affects the present. Despite its difficult content, the novel is well-written, with some parts incredibly moving. Although it is a story about a young girl’s desire for blue eyes, it’s also a powerful commentary on a society that condemns girls with these traits. It explores the power of beauty, and how it can make a woman look better. Pecola’s life is hard, with a father who drinks, a mother who is neglectful, and a brother who runs away from the family. As a result, Pecola is constantly bullied and grows up believing she is ugly. In order to save her family from the pain of her life, she prays to be born with blue eyes. However, the blue eye she is born with doesn’t come to fruition, and she begins to spiral into psychosis.

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