What Is The Rose That Grew From Concrete About?

Updated: February 07, 2023
The rose that grew from concrete is about a rose that grows from concrete. The rose is a symbol of hope and the concrete is a symbol of the harsh realities of life.
Detailed answer:

In the poem “What Is The Rose That Grew From Concrete About?” Tupac Shakur addresses his hopelessness and despair in a way that inspires hope. The speaker is reflecting on a time when they were younger and felt hopeless, knowing that there was a change that they would never be able to overcome their situation.

In “What Is the Rose That Grew from Concrete About?”, Tupac Shakur uses repetition to emphasize his message of hope, as well as personification. The word “Rose” is repeated throughout the poem to symbolize hope and beauty, despite the concrete and steel that surrounds him. He also uses personification by saying “Rose” as if it was an actual human being; personification makes his message more powerful because it allows us to connect with him on more of an emotional level.

The first stanza shows how he was once hopeless and depressed, but now he feels different. He found hope in something he calls “the rose”, which could be any number of things, including love or art. He urges the reader to do the same, reminding them that even though there are many obstacles along the way, it’s possible to succeed if one is determined enough. The poem ends with a challenge for the reader: “you got to ask yourself / is that you in the mirror?”

In any case, this poem about rising above hardship has a positive message for everyone.

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