Which Tests Are Required For Admission At Stanford University?

Updated: March 19, 2023
The tests required for admission at Stanford University are the SAT or ACT and two SAT Subject Tests.
Detailed answer:

Standardized tests are required for admission to Stanford University. The tests that are required for admission are the SAT or ACT and two SAT Subject Tests.

In order to be eligible for admission, students must submit scores from the SAT or ACT taken prior to March 2016. The essay component is optional, but the test must be taken on a Saturday. Students who took the SAT before March 2016 do not need to submit an essay score.

Stanford also accepts results from the new version of the SAT (launched in March 2016), PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, PSAT 8/9, PSAT 7/8 and PSAT 6/7 at no cost through your College Board account online. If you have taken one of these exams since March 2016, you do not need to send scores from it to Stanford University (even if you believe they may be higher than those from other exams).

All applicants must submit a high school transcript and a letter of recommendation from an educator. For students who have taken Advanced Placement (AP) exams, they will be considered for credit if they score 3 or higher on at least three separate AP exams.

The ACT is also accepted by Stanford University. The school gives students an advantage if they take both tests and submit results from each one. However, if students choose only one test date, they should take it on a Saturday after March 2016 so that their score can be used for admission purposes by Stanford University.

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