Which Word Best Describes Laertes In Act Iv of Hamlet?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Laertes is a grieving brother who is seeking revenge for his sister's death.
Detailed answer:

Laertes is vengeful in Act IV of Hamlet.

He is impulsive, rash and hasty when he attacks Hamlet, but Laertes’ main motivation is to avenge his father’s death. He is overbearing and inconsiderate with Ophelia; he doesn’t seem to consider her feelings when he chooses to take revenge on her instead of sparing her life. He is thoughtless when he doesn’t consider what his actions might do to Ophelia’s reputation or the family name, and he’s careless when he leaves Ophelia alone after killing Polonius without making sure she won’t tell anyone about what happened. He’s reckless because he doesn’t stop to think about how his actions will affect others before acting on them; instead, he just follows his own desires without thinking about the consequences for others.

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