Who Are The Proles In 1984?

Updated: November 28, 2022
The proles are the working class people in the society of Oceania in George Orwell's novel 1984. They are kept in ignorance and poverty by the ruling Party, and are considered unimportant and powerless.
Detailed answer:

In 1984, the proles are the working class population in George Orwell’s novel. They make up the majority of Oceania but are kept in a state of ignorance and poverty by the ruling Party. The Party controls them through propaganda and fear, making them believe that only the Party’s leadership can ensure a safe future for society. In 1984, the prole are the commoners of Oceania who make up the majority of its population. The Party sees them as a source of labor and a means to control the masses by keeping them in poverty and oppression. The proles are a class of people in dystopian society. The proles have no rights, and their only job is to work for the government without demanding anything in return. They are watched constantly by the Thought Police, who care little about them since they do not pose a threat to the Party’s power. Such people live in poverty without working jobs that are intellectual or in the entertainment industry. They are members of the working class. Because of their large numbers, they have the power to bring about change. However, complacency and ignorance may dash their hopes.

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