Who is Jocasta In Oedipus?

Updated: November 28, 2022
Jocasta is the mother of Oedipus and the wife of Laius.
Detailed answer:

Jocasta, who is the wife of Oedipus and the mother of his four children, is also the sister of Creon, the current king of Thebes. She is a very beautiful and intelligent woman. Despite her intelligence, she is unable to see the truth about her husband’s identity; however, she does suspect that he was adopted (for although he looks exactly like Laius—the former king—he does not have his name). Jocasta loves Oedipus dearly and tries to protect him from finding out about his true heritage by arranging for them to be sent into exile. She is devastated when she learns that her husband killed her father and married her mother. She hangs herself in shame and despair when she realizes that Oedipus has destroyed everything she held dear: her father, her home in Thebes and their family. Jocasta represents ignorance, as well as its consequences; moreover, she also exemplifies the importance of questioning one’s faith or beliefs at all times. Her story serves as a warning against blind faith and reminds us that humans are fallible creatures who are powerless against the will of gods.

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