Who Is Martel in Dear Martin?

Updated: February 07, 2023
Martel is a seventeen year old high school student. He is the protagonist of the novel, Dear Martin.
Detailed answer:

Dear Martin is a powerful novel by Nic Stone that follows the story of seventeen-year-old Martel.

Martel comes from a single-parent household, living with his mother whom he loves and admires deeply. He is a senior at Crenshaw High School where he is an honor student and football team captain. He has one very close friend, Justyce, whom he can confide in during times of difficulty. As Martel navigates through high school life, his faith is put to the test as he faces racism from both peers and authority figures alike. In order to stay sane amid the chaos, he begins writing letters to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., where he can safely express himself without fear of judgement or reprisal.

Throughout the novel, readers are shown how Martel uses his letters as an outlet for his emotions as well as a way to gain perspective on his situation. In turn, this helps him make sense of some of the difficult decisions that he must face along his journey—such as whether or not to stand up against injustice even if it means putting himself in danger. In addition, readers also witness how Justyce’s friendship helps Martel confront some of the harsh realities that come with being young and black in America today such as police brutality, prejudice, and discrimination. Despite these obstacles, Martel learns valuable lessons about resilience and self-love over the course of the novel which helps him carry on despite all odds being stacked against him.

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