Who Is Orlick in Great Expectations?

Updated: June 22, 2023
Orlick is a mysterious man who works for Miss Havisham. He is often described as being dark and sinister.
Detailed answer:

In Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations”, the character of Orlick, a notorious criminal, readily acquaints readers with the murkier aspects of existence. His collusion with the nefarious Compeyson merely intensifies his already dubious image. Dickens depicts Orlick as a “savage” and a “bruiser”—apt descriptors for a man exuding such brutishness that his presence instills fear in those around him.

However, beneath his rugged exterior, Orlick unfolds as a character layered with complexities, possessing an enriching backstory and a distinct worldview. He, in many respects, mirrors the darker facets of humanity, serving as a stark reminder that even the most outwardly mundane individuals may harbor profound shadows of complexity and darkness.

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