Who is vivian in a lesson before dying?

Updated: November 28, 2022
In Ernest Gaines' novel, "A Lesson Before Dying," Vivian is the girlfriend of the main character, Grant Wiggins. She is a strong, independent woman who is determined to help Grant in his quest to improve the life of their friend, Jefferson.
Detailed answer:

Vivian Baptiste is a character in the novel A Lesson Before Dying. She is a university graduate from Lafayette, Louisiana. She is a teacher, and works at a more prestigious school. Unlike Grant, she does not have a very dark skin. Vivian wants to marry Grant, and he wants to be a good father. Vivian is a light-skinned woman from Free LaCove. She is a member of the community, but her family is not a part of it. They live in a community full of mulattoes, and are very prejudiced towards darker-skinned people. As a result of this, Vivian marries a dark-skinned man, but the community does not accept her marriage. After the divorce, Vivian does not speak to her family again. Vivian is Grant’s girlfriend in A Lesson Before Dying. Vivian is not only a strong woman, but she has her own feelings and isn’t afraid to express them. She is an interesting character and deserves a lot of attention. We all have issues in our lives, and sometimes we need someone to lean on. Vivian is the most complex character in A Lesson Before Dying. She doesn’t seem to be as open and honest as the other characters, but she does play a role in her society. She isn’t as candid with her students as Grant is, but she does help them build their self-esteem.

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