Why Did The Republican Party Nominate Abraham Lincoln for The Presidency In 1860?

Updated: December 09, 2022
The Republican Party nominated Abraham Lincoln for the presidency in 1860 because he was a strong leader and they believed he could unite the country.
Detailed answer:

Lincoln’s nomination was largely due to the fact that he was a strong advocate for the Union.

The Republicans believed that Lincoln was the only candidate who could heal wounds caused by the Civil War and unite Americans around a common cause. He was well-respected by both Democrats and Republicans alike, and he was seen as a moderate Republican who could appeal to voters across party lines.

Lincoln believed that slavery should not be allowed in any state that had not already legalized it, and he was a strong opponent of any effort to break up the Union. His election as President would help to ensure that slavery would eventually be abolished, and his nomination helped to solidify the Republican Party as a major political force.

Lincoln also had a reputation for being honest and hardworking as well as being an experienced lawyer who had successfully argued cases before the Supreme Court on several occasions. These qualities made him a good candidate for President at a time when many believed that sectionalism was increasing rapidly and that another war might break out before long.

Lincoln’s nomination also helped to promote democracy and democratic values in America. While some people were concerned about his lack of military experience, Lincoln’s debates with Stephen Douglas proved that he was indeed a skilled debater.

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